If Lori Loughlin was afraid of going to jail and wanted her case dismissed in the past; she's more than afraid now. The possibility of her being in jail while the COVID-19 pandemic rages are said to be scaring her witless. The thing is, she already pleaded guilty, and she would ultimately know her sentence in August. 

According to a report, the "Full House" alumni was so unwilling to turn herself in and confess to her role in the nationwide college admissions scam in August because of this.

Unlike her co-celebrity involved in the case, Felicity Huffman, who quickly pleaded guilty and served her jail sentence, Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli prolonged their agony by not doing the same. Even though the case against them was so strong, they even banked on their lawyers to have the case dismissed.

Seeing that it would not happen, they finally pleaded guilty back in May, confessing that they bribed their daughters' way into the University of Southern California. 

Later on, a source told US Weekly that they finally admitted their crimes because they were afraid that their children would be called to stand trial and testify about their roles. It would just be a whole, ugly mess. The parents knew that their two daughters were already devastated by the whole thing, and to be involved in the court process can further put them down. 

The newest report however claimed that it took so long for the actress and husband to come clean because they knew going to jail anytime this year would be a great risk to their lives. 

In jail, it is possible that she can catch the dreaded coronavirus, and naturally, she does not want to happen. 

The source, speaking with US Weekly, described the actress in being a full-blown panic about the idea. She is "scared to death of getting COVID-19, as the virus is ravaging the federal prisons in California," the source revealed

However, all is up in the air now. Now that they have pleaded guilty, they can no longer do anything but wait on the verdict with regard to how much time they will be spending behind bars. 

The feds recommended Loughlin to spend two months while her husband Giannulli would spend five. However, it is still up to the judge how long they would be ultimately behind bars. 

The actress should feel less worried though. Experts claimed that naturally, the judge will still decide in consideration of the COVID-19 situation. 

Meanwhile, despite this family crisis, Olivia Jade still found herself in the line of fire through her own doing. She speaks up about the issues on racism and white privilege and instead of being met with support, she was accused as being the epitome of white privilege. 

On her part though, her comments were probably made out of a pure desire to contribute to the racism problem. She called on people to be more than just "not racist." Everyone should be respected and no disrespectful comments should ever be ignored. She said it is time that Whites, or people with White privilege to stop what is happening. Jade even got emotional in her post, saying there should be no gaps among people and it makes her sick that there are. 

Some commenters did not see the value of her post and even accused her of being tone-deaf. Some insulted her with her involvement in the college admissions scandal. "SHES THE DEFINITION OF WHITE PRIVILEGE SHE CONTRIBUTED TO IT WILLINGLY...her parents cheated her way into a school and only got 2 months in jail..she is not allowed to speak on the matter," one commenter said. 

Still, some did come to her rescue, saying her white privilege is exactly why she should be speaking out and why people should be glad that she is.  

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