Miley Cyrus In MASSIVE Trouble Because Of THIS!

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was just doing it for the 'Gram. Four months later, however, she is facing legal action for a series of photos that she allegedly stole from a photographer.

On Wednesday, Miley was hit by a lawsuit for posting a photo of herself taken last February during the New York Fashion Week. In the photo, the 27-year-old pop star could be seen wearing a crop top, black pants and red boots.

Based on the lawsuit filed by the Atlanta-based photo agency "Chosen Figure," the snaps were taken when Miley left the Marc Jacobs NFW show last Feb. 12, 2020.

The following day, the "Hannah Montana" star posted the photos on her Instagram with a caption: "Swipe right. But hurry. Instagram will definitely be removing this post soon."

As of writing, the photo already gained over 2.6 million likes from her followers.

"Chosen Figure" lawyer Richard Leibowitz claims that Miley uploaded the photo on her Instagram account to promote a brand, but she did not seek the company's permission and license for the photo.

"Defendants ran the photograph on their website to promote their brand," the lawsuit read.

"Defendants did not license the photograph ... nor did defendants have Plaintiff's permission or consent to publish the photograph."

According to Page Six, the company is asking Miley to pay $150,000 for damages.


Miley is not the first celebrity who has been hit by a lawsuit for posting an uncredited photo on Instagram. Last December 2019, her ex Liam Hemsworth was also sued for unauthorized use of a picture, which he posted on Instagram.

According to E! News, Splash News and Picture Agency sued the "Hunger Games" actor for copyright infringement. The photo agency claimed that Hemsworth used a series of photos taken while producing his film "Isn't It Romantic," and used it for promotional purposes.

Miley's Response

Miley's camp has yet to comment on the said lawsuit. The news, howeverm, came after the reports she has been sober for the past six months.

In an interview with Variety, the "Wrecking Ball" hitmaker revealed the good news that she is no longer drinking and smoking weed.

"I've been sober sober for the past six months," Miley said.

She explained that the lifestyle change happened when she had to get vocal cord surgery in November after being hospitalized for tonsillitis.

Throughout her therapy journey and "silent recovery," Miley said she got the chance to reflect on her upbringing, which affected how she developed as a person.

"My mom was adopted, and I inherited some of the feelings she had, the abandonment feelings and wanting to prove that you're wanted and valuable," Miley explained.

"My dad's parents divorced when he was 3, so my dad raised himself. I did a lot of family history, which has a lot of addiction and mental health challenges."

This realization made Miley question herself and eventually understand what is happening to her and how she wanted her future to look.

"I think therapy is great," she added.

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