Chanel Grace: A Music Star In The Making [EXCLUSIVE]

The singer-songwriter from Australia is set to release her first album in 2021, and as she gets ready to take on the music industry by storm, she exclusively opened up to Enstarz about her journey from rocking the stages in Toronto, Canada to finally making her dream come true.

Born in Brisbane and raised in Sydney, Chanel grew up a Mariah Carey fan - so much so that she tears up in joy in the mention of her queen. While breaking into the music industry is no easy feat, the up-and-coming artist braved her way to every place she can sing, armed with nothing but per passion for music, her soothing and energetic voice and creative writing that moves hearts.

Chanel describes her style as pop with a little bit of Jazz, and for what it's worth, she has drawn comparisons with renowned artist Dua Lipa. However, while she has been inspired by previous and contemporary artists, she has established a unique style that makes her music and writing stand out.

A well-traveled artist - one that has journeyed through Asia, as well as Italy, Spain, England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico and the U.S. - Chanel's style and writing is an embodiment of her experiences and the journey she has taken with different people.

Several of her songs tackle heartbreak and love, but behind the lyrics and the rhythm, each of her songs is a journey itself - a quest to self-discovery.


Now, before fans get to listen to her music, we give you a close and intimate look to Chanel.

Enstarz: What inspired you to sing? Who is your biggest inspiration in your style?

Chanel: I was in the jungle in Thailand on a spirit quest, with a small group and a shaman. It was a real changing moment in my life where I dropped my ego, my fear, and made the choice to do with my time something that was always so terrifying: to lay out my past, be real. Just be vulnerable and sing. Sing what I wrote and perform that and sing for a career. It really took a lot setting my intentions, and acting on them.

I always did music and sang as a child my mum would play piano, my brother would play guitar. My first love was music and my second Mariah Carey lol I love her so much. The key element in her music was her lyrics and for me songwriting is the core of my love for creating music. I met Mariah in Sydney after her spectacular show she was everything I dreamed. She's dope and and a wave of talent and authenticity. I'd love to work with her one day. At the end of the day who I want to be in the future IS my biggest role model though.

Enstarz: What is the most unforgettable moment you have while performing?

Chanel: I can't [I] say ever forgot a millisecond of any show they stick in there like honey.

I had a show in Ottawa, it was my first in Canada so I must admit I was pretty nervous. About a week before I recorded a song called Toxic (it will be in my upcoming album) when I began I notice the boys in the audience drop back and the amazing energy from the Young girls rise up. I could see their faces light up and it meant something. My story truly meant something to them. So that moment just can't get that out of me head when I have a bad day.

(Photo : Chanel/Instagram)

Enstarz: What is the most favorite song you have ever written? Why do you like it?

Chanel: My favorite piece I've written would have to be Have You Ever (unreleased on upcoming album) one of those tear jerkers

It's a Ballad and I'm super proud of this. It features 2 world class guitarists. I wanted to add that "Usher "u got it bad" with the slicing electric guitar solo. I feel for that late 80's early 90's music and style. 'Twas a litty song to create.

Enstarz: As you aspire to rise in the industry, what has been the biggest struggle for you so far?

Chanel: One of the biggest struggles I found were more on understanding what is my true voice and what is all echo. I'm gonna think that from the beginning of my career if I had the skills I gained through these experiences, I would have been more aware. I found momentum slowed down when I was unbalanced. It's so important to keep a healthy mindset and body. Gotta make sure your vision, faith and belief are all aligned or it's easy to lose sight of genuineness.

Enstarz: What is the big dream for you?

Chanel: My dreams go beyond the creation of my work for sure. It's ultimately important to me that I can give hope and be a light to youth and those who can relate with me and my music.

Enstarz: Record or planning a tour?

For sure! A dream to reality! [My songs] to be played in world, in cars, clubs, whilst ones in the shower in the morning inspiring for the day and then to go on a world tour and connect with millions is my dream you know.

Enstarz: What do you think makes you different among other up-and-coming artists?

Chanel: I have respect for everyone else in the industry, I can't replicate anyone's craft and nor can they mine.

I will say my perspective is so wide. I've had exposure to all walks of life and lived in three different continents, so adaptability and resilience are my strong suits. I'm just sharing all these experiences with my fans now through my music.

Enstarz: Let's get personal. What's your routine before performing? How do you usually prepare your body and mind?

Chanel: It took me a long time to feel comfortable performing live. It would eat me up inside with anxiety. With experience and preparation, I became more comfortable and my voice improved; however my trick that helped me overcome the insecurities was love. Now I project love to my audience before I get on stage I love them already and most importantly I pray and have the faith that god is with me.

Enstarz: Besides singing, what are your other hobbies? Are you also into modeling?

(Photo : Chanel/Instagram)

Chanel: I love jumping in front of a camera yeh why not! [I love] playing with colors, light, angles and visual art, meditation, and time outdoors especially the beach. Look I LOVE fashion, but I'm really not into shopping like most girls. I really love to spend my Spare time with real genuine friends.

Chanel will be releasing her first album (the title is still a surprise for us!) by January or February 2021. Moreover, she is also planning to release a mix tape some time this 2020.

For more updates about Chanel Grace, you can follow her on her Instagram account here.

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