Kate Middleton Not Like Princess Diana, But More Like THIS Royal Family Member

The late Princess of Wales, Diana, and her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton, have nothing in common except for their fashion choices and down-to-earth personality. 

In May, when the Duchess of Cambridge appeared live on "This Morning," she had been praised by royal fans, saying she was just like Princess Diana. 

The 38-year-old talked about launching her new photography project during the lockdown, and seeing her powerful appearance even though it was on a video call, and many fans were quick to compare her to her late mom-in-law. 

"I think she is lovely and natural, very much like her late mother-in-law, normal and a real person."

Another gushed, "She really is just lovely and like Diana, human!" 

With only two similarities, there's no immediate danger of Kate going off like a loose cannon because the massive difference between her and Princess Diana, is just how closely aligned the Duchess' every moment and utterance is with the royal family. 

Unlike Princess Diana, the Duchess of Cambridge is a woman who is well-briefed and carefully supervised.

If Kate isn't really similar to Princess Diana, then who is? 

According to royal commentator Victoria Murphy, the mom-of-three has slowly revealed that she is more like in nature to another senior member of the royal family

Kate Middleton has been increasingly praised for her demeanor and quick adaptiveness to numerous royal engagements she's required to go to yearly. It's a characteristic that she has shared with her future predecessor. 

Speaking to Yahoo News, Murphy revealed that Kate has more in common, personality-wise, with the reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. 

"Not an extrovert but quietly self-assured with a love of the outdoors and the ability to compartmentalize," Murphy shared. 

Queen Elizabeth II is said to admire her granddaughter-in-law for being able to settle into royal life with little to no fuss. Her Majesty is also glad that Kate Middleton is committed to her royal duties. 

Even during the lockdown, Kate and her husband, Prince William, have been trying to undertake several engagements despite virtually and contributed to The Firm's efforts to show a strong united front amid the global battle against the coronavirus. 

Aside from that, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have also talked to WW2 veterans, medical front liners, key workers, and many more to thank them for their services for the country, both in the past and present. 

Jennie Bond, a former BBC royal correspondent, revealed that the monarch really admires the way Kate Middleton adapted to the job as the Queen-in-waiting.

"She has a quiet dignity about her, which I think the public is growing to love, and she works behind the scenes." 

The former Queen has also modernized the monarchy alongside her husband, that the people are already seeing a glimpse of how the royal family will look like and will focus more on in the future. 

"She has chosen a core set of issues to focus on, and chooses more the cause than specific organizations much like William and Harry have done," Howard said. 

"This means that, unlike the Queen, Kate will only ever have a few dozen patronages, and some will be linked or quite similar." 

As the wife of a future monarch, Kate Middleton also shares something similar to Prince Philp. 

The Duchess of Cambridge has been through a lot with Prince William and has always been by his side in the past couple of years, similar to the Duke of Edinburgh's trait, who has also made his own through his years while being beside the Queen. 

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