At the height of the coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom, people were surprised when Prince Charles -- the next in line to the British royal throne -- tested positive for COVID-19. 

It was in March 2020 when the Buckingham Palace confirmed that the 71-year-old royal fell victim to the novel virus. People were worried about his health, which might force his eldest son, Prince William, to take his place in case anything unexpected happened.

Although the Prince of Wales only displayed mild symptoms, he is still vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19, which is known for targetting older people with weak immune and respiratory systems.  

It is not clear how Queen Elizabeth II's eldest son acquired the virus, but he was immediately put on isolation to prevent spreading the virus from the royal household. 

After a week in isolation at the royal family's Scottish residence and responding well to his medications, Prince Charles survived the coronavirus. 

Not Fully Recovered?

Prince Charles said that one of the key symptoms he experienced was the loss of his sense of taste and smell. But three months after testing negative from coronavirus, the future king revealed that his sense of taste and smell has not yet fully returned

In an exclusive interview with Sky News last month, Prince Charles said that compared to others who got infected by COVID-19, he still considered himself lucky as he quickly got away with it. 

"I was lucky in my case... but I've had it, and I can so understand what other people have gone through," Prince Charles said. 

Meanwhile, Speaking to ITV's Royal Rota, royal correspondent Chris Ship said that during Prince Charles' visit to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital last month, it looks like his health has not yet fully recovered and he is still suffering from the effects of coronavirus. 

"One of the experts had a conversation with Prince Charles where he looks like he's still suffering from the effects of coronavirus," Ship said.

"Not only his sense of taste and smell but his fatigue also."

Camilla's Revelation

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are already back on official royal duties. But in a recent interview, the 72-year-old Duchess of Cornwall made a major revelation about her husband's current health condition

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live's "The Emma Barnett Show," Camilla said that Prince Charles is healthy that he could probably outlive his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who is now 94-years-old. 

Camilla said that considering Charles' age, he is very fit and could walk without feeling tired. 

"He is probably the fittest man of his age I know. He'll walk and walk and walk," Camilla said. 

"He's like a mountain goat, he leaves everybody miles behind."

Camilla was also placed in isolation in Birkhall after Prince Charles got COVID-19. While she tested negative for the virus, the Duchess also remained in quarantine for 14 days.

They were the first senior royals who resume face-to-face royal engagement after the coronavirus pandemic. 

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