British Media Protecting Prince Andrew, ABUSING Meghan Markle [RUMOR]

The royal family has been wrapping their heads around two major controversies involving some of the British monarchy's key members. There is Prince Andrew's association with the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, as well as the sudden decision of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to step down as senior royals.

Even before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's bombshell announcement on Instagram, Prince Andrew is already on the hot seat for allegedly participating in Epstein's decade-long sex trafficking scheme. The Duke of York was accused of forcing one of Epstein's sex slaves to have sex with him three times between 1999 to 2001.

Although the 60-year-old royal tried to clear his name through a BBC interview, the backlash only intensified, leading him to stay away from the spotlight and quit his royal duties.

All of a sudden, everything revolves around Prince Harry and Meghan's royal exit and how ungrateful they are to the royal family. The Sussexes have been attacked on tabloids as if it is a cardinal sin to seek for a private and independent life.

This led people wondering why the press is not giving Prince Andrew the same treatment as Prince Harry and Meghan, considering that the accusations thrown at him are a much bigger scandal to the British monarchy.

Is the Royal Family Censoring the Jeffrey Epstein Case?

In the wake of the sensational arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell -- Epstein's former associate who helped him execute his sexual abuse -- several journalists are coming forward to reveal an order they receive when it comes to covering Prince Andrew's association with the case.

It turns out that media members are allegedly being told to refrain from talking about Prince Andrew's relationship with Epstein and the case.

In a Twitter post on Monday, investigative journalist Tara Palmeri revealed that she was requested not to talk about Prince Andrew and Epstein in a radio show.

"Was on a British radio show today to talk about Ghislaine Maxwell. I was asked not to mention Prince Andrew because it was "legally hot." #JeffreyEpstein" Palmeri wrote.

 New York-based multimedia journalist Stephanie Guerillas echoed Palmeri's statement and said: "Yup. They have repeatedly invited me to discuss the most mundane matters but never Prince Andrew and the allegations against him."

Politico senior editor Ryan Heath backed up Palmeri's claims and revealed that it was BBC who is silencing the press about Prince Andrew's Epstein scandal.

"This is #BBC Radio 4 "World at One," asking journalists not to mention Prince Andrew when discussing the Epstein/Maxwell case. This seems like an artificial limit to place on reporting this case," Heath wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, more journalists have come to light and revealed that they are being offered an interview or article spot to say something negative against Prince Harry and Meghan.

Could the Buckingham Palace or the Queen be behind this "media junta" prohibiting the press from talking more about Prince Andrew's sexual assault accusation? Or does the media just dwell on criticizing Harry and Meghan as it gives them more traffic, viewers, and readers wise?

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