Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are usually compared to Prince William and Kate Middleton -- and they rarely win against them.

As Harry and Meghan continue to seek permanent careers in Hollywood, a royal expert expressed how proud he is of William and Kate for not craving for fame.

In a new video posted by Fox News, royal expert Nick Bullen talked about how Prince William and Kate do not see themselves as celebrities -- something that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex failed to do.

According to the co-founder and editor-in-chief of True Royalty TV, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have focused themselves on doing their royal duties since it should always come first.

"I think [that's] the joy of royalty and British royalty, particularly, is none of the royals see themselves as celebrities. You know, they are born into this job," Bullen said.

He added that most celebrities these days crave fame, with some even working hard to achieve that. However, royals are not like them since they already have the people's attention from day one, and it is not something they can ever escape.

Bullen also talked about how these celebrities are not famous for great tracks and deeds, nor did they get popular as children. Those big stars can slowly disappear from the public's eyes, something that will never happen to a royal family member.

"Royalty is famous from the day it's born to the day it dies. They are the most famous people in the world, and they cannot escape it. So I think they choose as well to not consider the celebrity world because they literally do not see themselves as part of it," Bullen said when asked if Prince William and Kate would have ever thought of becoming celebrities.

Per the royal expert, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have never sought fame since they have been born into it, and they have duties to do.

In the end, Bullen seemed to have thrown shades at Prince Harry and Meghan, who gave up their senior royal roles to establish their names in Hollywood.

"And you know -- and we have seen -- when royalty and celebrity comes together, that it can sometimes not work," he went on, indirectly criticizing how Harry, a royal prince, and Meghan, a former actress, have somewhat changed how the monarchy used to revolve.

Cambridges Have Always Been Better Than Sussexes?

Previously, Piers Morgan shared the same sentiment and caused public embarrassment to Prince Harry and Meghan.

In April 2020, Prince William and Kate shared a three-minute video showing how they talked with staff and students of Casterton Primary Academy. The Cambridge couple thank everyone for their hard work and wished them a happy Easter in advance.

They even made everyone laugh and forget about the crisis for a moment after they joked about how Prince William has been eating too much chocolate.

The 55-year-old Good Morning Britain broadcaster praised the Cambridges for their surprise move amid the worsening crisis.

"Love this. Interesting how William & Kate's LACK of Hollywood-style celebrity glitz, down-to-earth attitude, & commitment to duty, have become such impressive attributes in a time of national crisis," Piers said, indirectly blasting Prince Harry and Meghan.

This came after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left the mansion they rented in Vancouver Island to relocate to Los Angeles.

Until now, Harry and Meghan are facing instability in Los Angeles due to the pandemic, and no one knows when those things will continue to affect their plans.

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