5 Paris Hilton Iconic Moments To Remember As She Reveals Her Real Self in 'This is Paris'

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton cannot wait to show the world how kooky and funny she really is, a far-cry from the diva that she was "forced" to portray in the past. For starters, she does Tiktok videos. We never thought we'd say Paris Hilton and Tiktok in a hundred years, but here she goes! 

This comes after she said that she still has nightmares of her childhood experiences in a preview for her documentary, "This is Paris." 

No one really knows who I am," Hilton said in the preview. "Something happened in my childhood that I've never talked about with anyone. I still have nightmares about it." While she did not go into detail, there are reports that the show would revolve around her high school years and how certain events on her young years affected the rest of her lives.

Given that the world did not see much of Paris Hilton longer - she was so much bigger than the Kardashians in the past! - here are five iconic Paris Hilton moments that had us in Enstarz saying, well, this is Paris that we know - wonder who Paris really is? 

When she Became a Weather Forecaster in "The Simple Life"

Paris Hilton's most iconic moments happened in her reality show, "The Simple Life." She was the original reality show diva, after all, back at a time when Kim Kardashian was technically a nobody doing her bidding. 

Anyway, she turned weather forecaster for the show and gave the most hilarious advice to her viewers. The MET Office is not likely to agree, but it's not their opinion that had the show going for years. 

Appearing on WBFF Balitmore, she advised viewers that they should move to LA because it has "like, better weather." She also gave a very catchy global warming advice, saying "That is Earth. It's hot. Don't pollute." Sassy and succinct, that's our girl. 

When She Launched a While A Reality Show To Find Her a New BFF

Yes, you read that right. Paris HIlton needed a reality show to find herself a new BFF, after she had an terse fall-out with her Simple Life co-star, Nicole Richie. What better to show your ex-BFF that she's easily replaceable and how many girls want to replace her? 

Girls just have to compete in a series of challenges to become her ultimate BFF under the show called "My New BFF." It was not easy, but it was worth it for the girls. The show even had a British spin-off, showing just how much the blonde icon is adored.

When She Makes Sure Her Dog Has A Mansion Too

If she's willing to go through a whole television show just to get a new BFF, what makes you think she would not go the extra miles for her dog? Paris Hilton once upon a time, tweeted that she built a mansion - not for herself, but for her dog. It was a two-story mansion that has air-conditioning, heating, designer furniture, as well as something the dog would love to play with - a chandelier. or not. The size o the mansion is a square footage greater than the apartment for the average Londoner too. Kylie Jenner's doghouse can't compete! 

When She was Willing to pay $5000 for her Dog's Safe Return

Her dog went missing when her house was robbed. If she can build a mansion for one of her other dogs, it was not surprising he would do everything for her much-loved teacup Chihuahua too. The dog is mainstay in most of Paris Hilton's events or pictures. She offered $5000 and it apparently did the trick, because her pup was able to return to her side, and stayed there until it passed in 2015.

When she said Kim Kardashian and the rest of family OWE her Their Lives

Kim Kardashian was her personal assistant back in the days. Some people who have the Kardashians pegged as their icons or a representation of American culture (whoa, yes), would not know this. However, Kim Kardashian was truly just Hilton's shopping buddy in the past, tending to all her needs, including wearing similar but unflattering outfits if called to do so.

But now that Kim Kardashian made it -and the rest of the family followed suit -Paris Hilton can be remembered to have said they all owe her their lives. Enstarz cannot remember the family reacting to the statement though, probably a sign that they agree. Years later, Kim did tell Khloe that yes, Paris Hilton gave her a career. 

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