Tom Cruise Space Film With Elon Musk Is a Wild Coincidence

In the middle of the pandemic, Tom Cruise was able to convince Universal to approve over $200 million in the budget for his Elon Musk space movie. How did he do that, and is this going to be something Universal regrets later?

Can he really shoot a film in space? Reports claimed that this is actually a wild coincidence! 

Some say the days of Hollywood films are numbered, Given the fact that it has been on lockdown for months now because of the COVID-19 pandemic, maybe this is true. 

The Entertainment industry is not likely to go bust any time soon, but this does not mean it is wise to spend on massive projects - which is what the Space movie by Tom Cruise is.

Moreover, there were even reports that Tom Cruise's glory days are long over.  Critics claimed that Hollywood stars are no longer as demanded for  as in the past, given that what the audience like these days are fan-favourite characters, Marvel and DC superheroes in particular. These roles can technically be played by anyone who has the talent, not necessarily the name yet. They'll be in costumes after all. 

But Tom Cruise is different. He reminded the world that his A-list status still has relevance today. According to a report, Cruise himself was able to convince Universal Pictures execs to commit no paltry sum for his ambitious Space movie - with just a simple phone call! 

According to the report, Tom Cruise called up the company using Zoom along with director Doug Liman. Cristopher McQuarrie, and PJ van Sandwijk. Interestingly, they did not even have a ready script to pitch yet.  Based on the premise alone, they were able to secure a production commitment worth over $200 million. That's Tom Cruise magic.

Elon Musk is said to be the partner in this project, through his company space X. 

The money may seem huge though, but it is not that surprising considering the project of this scale. In fact, it might not even be enough, when the actual logistics of sending the cast and crew into space are finally computed. 

This new project can even be said to the product of all the jokes and praises made by Tom Cruise's fans in the past. Because the roster of his films is quite magnificent - no flops! - fans joked for years that the only way he can top his own past works would be to film in space. 

So the day comes! What a coincidence.

Everyone thought their idea would remain a joke forever. When there were speculations that it was happening, fans thought these were merely unfounded gossips. But when the NASA itself and Muskthemselves confirmed the incredulous news, fans are now more than excited to see it happen. More so when they thought Hollywood is shutting down for a while

The fact tha the movie will be set in space probably is the only way Hollywood can get any filming or shotting done. The Earth is presently not accommodating to outdoor activities, given the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, all cast and crew still had to train on how to move in a zero-gravity environment. Not only is this going to be a massive project, but a massive experience as well for the cast.

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