Ghislaine Maxwell- the notorious sex crime offender Jeffrey Epstein's ex-girlfriend, is presently facing serious sex-trafficking charges. In new court documents gathered, George Clooney is dragged into the controversy. How?

According to the UK Sun, Maxwell boasted about her romantic engagements with none other than, George Clooney. The documents detailed how she boasted to her alleged victim, Virginia Giuffre, about her sexual experiences, one of which is with the actor. 

"One [time] she came back giddy as a schoolgirl with an explosion of news, with all the buildup and excitement in her voice you'd think she was the next crown princess," Giuffre wrote of Maxwell in her book

The book, which was unsealed by a New York judge last week, revealed that Maxwell herself said that she had given George Clooney a "b**w j*b in the bathroom" of some random event. Maxwell was so happy she never let the story die, probably harping about it repeatedly. 

In her 139-page manuscript, "The Billionaire's Playboy Club," Giuffre revealed that the socialite never had qualms about bragging about her trysts. In fact, she loved to brag about all these rendezvous with several lovers 

George Clooney Part of Jeffey Epstein's Crimes? No 

Giuffre did not write when or where the sexual act happened exactly, or maybe Maxwell did not tell. But the book claims it was one time when Maxwell and Clooney took a trip in 2001.

To clarify, even though the actor's name was dragged into the controversy, he was in no way, shape and form, claimed to be involved with underage sex, unlike Prince Andrew, another famous personality involved in the case. 

There is also no mention of Clooney doing anything wrong or being part of Epstein's many crimes. 

Paris Hilton was Almost a Victim? Yes

Another interesting tidbit released recently by Mail Online UK is that Maxwell even tried to recruit Paris Hilton for Jeffrey Epstein. After only sighting her for the first time! 

Christopher Mason, a journalist revealed that the socialite even stopped in her tracks and went "oh my god" upon seeing a young Hilton.

She was not going "oh my god' just because Hilton is a pretty girl -everybody knows that - but because she wants her for Epstein. She even said so as much, describing Hilton as "perfect for Jeffrey." She then asked a friend to introduce them, Mason revealed. 

Mason, a British journalist based in New York did not reveal when exactly this happened. But it can be surmised that it happened around 2000, when Hilton signed up to be part of Donald Trump's modeling agency. If that is the case, Hilton would be just 19-years-old. Not necessarily a minor, but certainly young! 

Mason shared this revelation in an episode for a. new docuseries entitled, "Surviving Jeffrey Epstein," to be aired on Sunday. 

The story is not implausible, since. there is a photograph of Maxwell and Hilton together. On this occasion, Hilton was talking with Trump, and on her left, is Maxwell.

It is now widely known that Maxwell, apart from being Epstein's ex-gf, was also one of his key assets in recruiting young girls. It's unclear how Hilton escaped her clotches, but that's beyond fortunate.