Princess Diana Tragedy: Meghan Markle Convinced Prince Harry to Open Another Investigation?

Prince William, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry

A new report suggested that Meghan Markle is convincing Prince Harry to demand another investigation on the death of his mom, Princess Diana. 

Princess Diana tragically died in Paris 23 years ago, and the Duke of Sussex is reportedly desperate to have another autopsy in a last-ditch bid to learn the truth about her death. 

Lady Diana Spencer's resting place is at their ancestral home in Althorp, and the 35-year-old Duke is trying to open the case again. 

Prince Harry believes it may have been a murder ordered by the same people who forced his wife, Meghan Markle, to flee Britain, according to a report by Globe Magazine.

An unnamed royal source told the magazine, "Harry fears his whole family has been lying to him about his mother's death for 23 years."

"There are still so many unanswered questions. He's convinced there's been a massive cover-up, and Diana was murdered on the orders of a vicious palace faction." 

Unfortunately, his dad, Prince Charles, is hugely against the new autopsy and investigation initiative. 

Sources told Globe that the Prince of Wales is applying pressure on Prince Harry to stop, threatening to withhold Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's yearly allowance of $360,000. 

"The last thing the royals want is to reopen the case of Diana's death, and they're blaming Meghan for pushing Harry for a new investigation," the source revealed.

Unluckily for the royal family, the source added how the dad-of-one doesn't care anymore, as he's already quit his royal duties in March and has already turned his back on his royal relatives. 

"He just wants to know the truth about his mother's death - no matter who it hurts."

Prince William is also reportedly pushing for this investigation, despite his father's pleas to protect the monarchy. 

The future King failed to convince his two sons to accept the story that the crash was the cause of their mom's death. However, it has been said that the Duke's distressing suspicion their mother "was targeted for death grew after a series of reports indicated Diana was murdered."

Princess Diana's body was reportedly exhumed five years ago, and the Duke of Sussex and Cambridge blamed their father that the autopsy was "inconclusive." 

Globe also added how Prince Harry was worried that the palace's men have Meghan Markle in their sights. 

"They made Meghan's life so miserable, and she was forced out - just like his mom." 

Globe further claims that the two brothers are determined to probe explosive theories about Princess Diana's death, including one where Prince Charles reportedly ordered the end of his ex-wife because he was "pregnant with a Muslim's child."

Another evidence suggested that a British agent reportedly posed as a French paramedic and injected the injured Princess Diana with undetectable medicine that would stop her heart immediately. 

Though Prince William is still in the UK with Kate Middleton, he is reportedly worried that the Duchess of Cambridge may be in danger as well. 

Thankfully for Prince Harry, he started a new life with Meghan Markle thousands of miles away from Buckingham Palace. However, Globe's insider revealed, "he can't rest until he discovers the truth about Diana, even if it destroys the monarchy."

Globe's story is best to be taken with a grain of salt. There are no official reports that Prince Harry and Prince William are requesting their mom's body to be exhumed.

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