Being the longest-serving heir apparent in British history, Prince Charles is set to become the King when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, gives up her royal duty.

Recently, multiple reports claimed that the Palace had created a secret team called "Golden Orb," which responsible for preparing the 71-year-old royal when he ascends to the throne. 

Royal commentator Christopher Wilson revealed to that "influential" personalities are now in talks to ensure that Prince Charles will have a smooth transition once he becomes the King.

"Its meetings remain a state secret, a group of influential figures convene regularly under the codename Golden Orb to make sure everything is in place the day Charles does become king - the oldest monarch to take the crown," Wilson shared.

Prince Charles Giving Up the Crown for Prince William?

Unfortunately, a body of constitutional experts believes that the Prince of Wales might set aside and sacrifice his future role in the monarchy for his eldest son, Prince William. 

In a separate report, Express UK cited that constitutional experts at University College London believed that the heir to the throne will still accept his title as the King of England but not for long. 

"Having waited over 60 years as heir apparent, it would be perfectly natural for Prince Charles to want to assume the throne and perform the royal duties for which he has spent so long preparing in waiting," the UCL constitution unit website stated.

Moreover, if he indeed decides to step down and give way to the second in line to the throne, which is the Duke of Cambridge, he had "to go through Parliament in order to make the change."

The UCL constitution unit website also pointed out that the Prince of Wales might "hand" the throne to Prince William after serving the crown for a few years. 

"But it would be equally natural if, after reigning for a few years as an increasingly elderly monarch, he chose to invite Parliament to hand on the throne to Prince William," the explanation furthered.

Majority of British Public Prefers Prince William Over Prince Charles

On the other hand, with the public's perception of the heir to the throne, most Brits believe that the 38-year-old prince is much deserving to be the next King. 

A 2019 survey from BMG Research on behalf of The Independent showed that 46 percent voted for Prince Charles to abdicate and allow Prince William to take over the crown. 

Meanwhile, 27 percent of the votes showed a "strong support" for the Prince of Wales to directly pass the future role to his eldest son. 

Unfortunately, based on the line of succession, the younger prince will never be the King before his father, given that this would be against the 1701 Act of Settlement. 

The Parliament requires the monarch's heir to be a direct successor and a Protestant. Not even the Queen can change this. 

Currently, the Prince of Wales is next in line to the British throne, followed by the Duke of Cambridge, whose own eldest child Prince George is the third in line to the throne. 

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