Ellen DeGeneres Downfall: Scandal Ruins 'Friends' Hosting Project

If people think Ellen DeGeneres is just getting a slap on the wrist for all the alleged wrongdoings she engaged in on her show, they might be wrong. A new report has it that the host could lose a big project because of her recent scandal. 

There was already a report that Ellen would be hosting the "Friends" reunion. Even though not officially confirmed, the rumors were quite strong -- enough to convince people that Ellen is it. It turns out she might not be. 

According to Lisa Kudrow, she does not think it has already been decided upon that DeGeneres would be hosting the reunion special.

The host of "Sirius XM's Andy Cohen Live" asked Kudrow if she heard of the news that Ellen was going to host the reunion, and the "Friends" star said she did. However, nothing is final and it's yet decided by the bosses. 

"Um, you may, I don't know," the 57-year-old responded. "I don't know that that's been decided."

Ellen Hosting 'Friends' Reunion?

It was reported in February that there was a high chance Jennifer Aniston's friend, Ellen DeGeneres, would be hosting it. At the time, the scandal about her being mean, about her show being toxic, and the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown have not yet happened.

As far as fans are concerned at the time, Ellen is perfect -- she's funny, she's a good host, and she's a friend of most of the "Friends" cast.

But so many things can change in a blink of an eye. Now, seven months after the report, Ellen's reputation as a credible host and a good person took a hit. Kudrow wasn't even able to give a straight answer, just an "I don't know."

Ellen's Controversy

The host has been under fire since May when a Twitter thread started detailing her rude and mean attitude.

The thread has gotten so long with complaints that shocked fans. Unfortunately, repeated accusations speak volume and cannot just be disregarded as some grouchy ex-staff airing malicious lies.

The thing is, it is not only staff and guests who are saying negative things about the host, whose image for over a decade was about being kind and compassionate. Some celebrities have also hinted that they felt disrespected in her show.

Mariah Carey, who admitted she felt uncomfortable when Ellen forced her to spit out that she was pregnant on her show, was one of those celebrities. While it was funny at the time, it was also quite disrespectful -- fans have said so in the past, but it's only now that Carey admitted her true feelings. 

In July, former staff producers accused top executives of "The Ellen DeGeneres" show of behaving inappropriately. As a result, three senior execs were sacked. And yet, people cannot help but wonder if it is Ellen that should have gotten the boot.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending if one is a fan up until today, "The Ellen DeGeneres' show is coming back. Ellen reportedly planned to explain all the things that have been said about her when she returns on television.

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