Kim Kardashian Had Enough of Kanye West Making Her Worried and Embarassed

Kim Kardashian is near her breaking point, it seems. With all the things Kanye West is putting her through, though, nobody can blame her. 

According to Hollywood Life, Kim Kardashian is presently feeling very stuck. As Kanye West continues to make the world feel bewildered at what he's saying and he's doing, she had to hold her thoughts and emotions in and act as if she is not affected. She's quite silent whenever Kanye threw a Twitter storm.

The only time she broke her silence recently was when she called for people to be more compassionate towards her husband, reminding them he has bipolar disorder.

But after putting in a good word for her husband in public, Kanye West hardly stopped with his weird antics, culminating to last week, when he decided it would be nice to show a video of someone (presumably him!) peeing on a Grammy's award. He owns several, so it is not that farfetched that the award being soaked like that is his, and he was doing the disgusting act. 

A source told Hollywood Life that Kardashian is having a really tough time. She wants Kanye to take care of himself better, but she cannot control what was happening. She also felt that the world is watching her relationship and anticipating it to crumble down because all of what West has done, doing, and will still do. 

This is a really tough time for Kim. She feels very stuck right now because the whole world is watching her relationship with Kanye play out," an insider close to the KKW Beauty founder revealed to the magazine outlet. "She hates that it has to happen so publicly and has tried everything to get him help and to stay off social media, but she can't control him," they added.

While Kim Kardashian has every reason to hate on Kanye for what he is subjecting her into, the reality star is said to be more worried about her husband's health because she cares deeply. 

The source added that it's very sad and embarrassing for Kim Kardashian to deal with the Kanye West fiasco. She wants Kanye to be more in control of his health, but he's not listening. Despite her love, the whole situation is already taking a toll on her. 

If there's something Kim feels relieved of is the fact that her kids are at home with her instead of at school, where the chances of hearing something bad about their dad and being ridiculed are higher. She personally does not want any of them to know what Kanye West has been saying. Among all the chaos, her kids are the main priority.

She's near her breaking point, but this does not mean she's on the verge of leaving Kanye. She's pissed and embarrassed, but according to a US Weekly source, Kim is holding on to her marriage. Kanye's behavior might be overtaxing at times, but it's not as if she did not know Kanye was unconventional in the first place. 

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