Coconut oil hype is not new anymore. But who would have thought that its powers can also make a difference on your eye bags?

The bags under your eyes can suffer from mild swelling and discoloration as you grow older.

Due to aging, the normal fat that supports the eyes eventually sag and move into the lower eyelids, causing it to appear swollen.

When this happens, dark circles can develop.

Like many other before, you have probably tried using every cream, oil, or roll-ons in the market only to be disappointed. You might have also opted at-home remedies in the past, like using cold compresses to improve their appearance.

If you have tried and failed, worry no more as coconut oil in the Philippines and other Asian countries can be the answer to your prayers.

What Causes Dark Circles, Puffy Bags?

Since the skin around the eyes is very thin, seeing some swelling and discoloration is hard to prevent.

But aside from fluid accumulation and the natural sagging of the skin, there are a lot of possible reasons why under-eye bags develop.

Some of the factors include fluid retention, too much salt consumption, allergies, lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, inherited facial features and sinus problems.

Meanwhile, it is only natural to develop puffiness when you wake up. Since you do not blink while sleeping, under-eye bags tend to retain the fluids until it can continue "milking."

As soon as you open our eyes and start blinking again, the process then resumes and causes swelling.

The closed, non-blinking eyelids during bedtime can bring this kind of problem everyday. Despite naturally waking up with unusually puffy, swollen eyelids, it is still important to keep your eyes healthy as you age.

Fortunately, coconut oil can do that job for you.

Why Coconut Oil Is the "Miracle" Your Eyes Need

In some researches conducted, including by OneGreenPlanet, it has been proven how coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer without being too harsh on your skin.

In addition, a tablespoon of coconut oil is gentle enough to be used around sensitive areas of the face -- just like under your eyes!

This natural product can ultimately reduce your eye bags' inflammation after every use. Since it also has emollient properties, you can also use this as an overnight moisturizer to make the under-eyes look fresh and soft as soon as you wake up.

Among its beneficial components include nourishing fatty acids (responsible for hydrating and protecting your skin), linoleic acid or vitamin F (helps in locking-in moisture), and lauric acid (an antibacterial property).

Use coconut oil like vitamin E oil: rub it into the under-eye area, leave it on overnight and then rinse it off in the morning.

Like what commercial products advertise, you should use coconut oils, at least for two weeks, to finally diminish the appearance of dark circles.

You see, dedication can help us achieve the kind of beauty we always wanted. With the existence of coconut oil though, everything is a little easier to now.

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