'The Crown' Star Emma Corrin Imitates Princess Diana's Taboo Secret

Princess Diana is, without a doubt, one of the OG influencers in the world, even if the term "influencer" has not been coined yet by millennials. Back in the days, women would take a cue from her latest fashion, hairstyle, and even accessories of choice.

Now that Emma Corrin is about to portray the role of Princess Diana, the neophyte actress could not help but also imitate the late-Princess' intimate secret.

The 24-year-old actress has been cast to play the Princess of Wales's role in the 4th season of the hit Netflix series, "The Crown."

The sensational show is inspired by the real-life events from the British Royal Family. For the 4th installment dropping on November 2020, the series will now focus on the entry of Princess Diana as she marries the future king, Prince Charles.

Some snaps during the production of "The Crown" show Emma Corrin as Diana's spitting image. But aside from her costume and character, Emma also emulates one of Princess Diana's habits of carrying a sex toy in her bag.

Vibrator On The Go

According to reports, Prince William and Prince Harry's mother used to bring a vibrator; she called "Le Gadget" in her purse. She also brings it during foreign trips as her personal "mascot."

In a recent interview with "Vogue," Emma Corrin admitted that she is also concealing a friendly gadget insider her bag. The actress revealed that the vibrator comes in handy whenever she needs it in times of stress.

"It's great if you're stressed and need to unwind," Emma said while showing off the small pink device.

The actress also boasts how the gadget could be so discreet due to its size and design.

"Also, it kind of looks like a lipstick or a mascara, so, you know, nice and subtle to bring about with you," she added.

Princess Diana's Friendly Mascot

Speaking to "The Sun," royal protection officer Ken Wharfe revealed how Princess Diana once secretly bought "Le Gadget" in a wild night out in Paris in 1992.

"Le Gadget was perhaps our finest wind-up, and an almost constant source of laughter," Wharfe said in the interview back in 2017.

"The small vibrator, bought as a practical joke after a staff night out in Paris during Diana's official visit there the previous November, had become her lucky mascot," he added.

Wharfe, who served as Diana's guard from 1987 to 1993, explained that the Princess was so used to having Le Gadget around that she felt anything could go wrong without it.

The royal aide also recalled how the Princess of Wales once forgot to pack the device, leading her to have it shipped from 6,000 km. The shipping eventually leads to an awkward situation when another officer had to open it in front of Diana and totally surprised her entourage.

"There was a stunned pause (and a few bemused glances from Embassy dignitaries) until the silence was broken by Diana, who said, 'Oh, that must be for me,' and began to laugh," Wharfe shared.

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