John Legend Reveals 1 Key Secret To Long-Lasting Marriage With Chrissy Teigen

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen remain one of the few Hollywood couples beating the odds. Now on the verge of having their third child, Legend revealed the secret to their successful marriage. 

Now married for seven years (which is an eternity in Hollywood standards), Legend and Teigen look as if they are still not over their honeymoon phase. It is certainly one worth of envy, but in reality, it took a lot of hard work, as Legend revealed

According to the singer of "All of Me" -- the song dedicated to Chrissy Teigen of course -- he and his wife are not shy to get on couple's therapy if it means strengthening their bond.

Couple's Therapy

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan UK, the musician revealed that the coronavirus came as a blessing in disguise because he got to spend more time with his two children and wife. He added that their marriage, even if they were not seeing each other all the time pre-COVID, was sustained by couple's therapy. 

Therapy does not mean their bond has some holes. Instead, therapy supplants their already strong foundation of love and make it even more invincible. 

"It sounds obvious, but being with someone you really care about, respect and enjoy being around. I think that's the crucial foundation," John Legend answered when asked why their romantic relationship is quite stable.

He then said, "Then communicating, being considerate, listening to your partner and making sure their needs are me."

All these are well and good, but he also pointed out the need to listen to other people. 

"'And we go to therapy sometimes," Legend revealed before sharing therapy offers them a neutral third party to help them address whatever concerns they have.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced John to cancel his tour, which is the only downside for him in this situation. However, he did describe spending time with his kids and his very pregnant wife as "heaven."

Chrissy Teigen's Difficult Pregnancy

Chrissy Teigen is presently on a strict bed rest because her third pregnancy is quite more difficult than the first two. Maybe because it is conceived naturally, or not. Regardless of the reason, Teigen is so happy to be pregnant even with all the struggles she's having.

Chrissy is excited to talk about the baby every day. One time, she even leaked out the gender of her baby -- which is a boy. 

According to Legend, the third baby was truly a surprise because they never thought they could conceive naturally. In the past, the two were upfront with their fertility challenges so they opted for the IVF procedure for their first two children.

"I guess all of our time spent at home together was enough to conquer any fertility challenges we had," Legend joked.

While they are excited for their third kid, they are also busy with making sure their first two children, Luna and Miles, know at a young age about their mixed heritage. Since they are also partly black, Legend said he is already mulling over how to tell them about the Black Lives Matter movement.

It's very important for him and Teigen that their children growup secure in their own skin and aware of their ancestry. Both John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are proud of their respective racial background. 

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