October 2020 Movies: 3 Films That You Should Not Miss

One blink,and it's now October. The year is almost gone just like that. Not that you should despair. COVID-19 simply made life quite simple this year since half of us cannot go out. However, the entertainment industry certainly did not stop from trying to offer new shows and movies that people can watch in order to forget the negative things happening for a while.

This October 2020, several movie titles are coming, and we have chosen three that we feel you should really watch.

We have no particular genre focused on in picking these three October 2020 movies, but we chose the ones that you can undoubtedly watch with your kids -- no vulgarity, no violence and no foul language. This list is quite clea -- to think we were still able to sneak in a horror movie given our criteria! 



This first one is guaranteed to be a tearjerker. After all, it is based on a true story.

Specifically, "Clouds" is about Zach Sobiech who died due to a rare bone cancer at the tender age of 17. However, before leaving this world, he was able to achieve something massive: forming a band called A Firm Handshake and recording a hit single titled "Clouds."

Not everyone who passed, even those who lived to their 80s, can say they lived their life to the fullest unlike Sobiech. 

It is set to be one of the more inspiring flick among all the upcoming October 2020 movies.

The single "Clouds" charted on Billboard Hot 100 and became a hit across the world, from Canada to the U.K. and even France. If you are not familiar with the song, watch this movie and you'll probably never forget it anymore. 



This is a sci-fi thriller perfect for the family, even with its terse scenes and gripping plotline. It's a prime offering by Seth Larney. The story is set in a world in the brink of extinction, mainly because of climate change.

While that is kind of depressing, it's apparent that it will also be educational and eye-opening. Save the world, so we do not end up like the world featured in this movie. 

This film stars Kodi Smit-McPhee, who will play Ethan Whyte, an underground tunnel worker who will become a hero overnight as he tries to save the world as Earth runs out of oxygen. While breathable air vanishes gradually, an artificial oxygen is being replaced, which can kill people who breathe it. Now that's real scary, but totally possible, right? 

Come Play 


And this is our horror pick ampng the October 2020 movies. Since it features children as the main character, we assume it could be watched by kids too ... or not. 

Written and directed by Jacob Chase, this movie features an indescribable monster named Larry attacking a family by appearing on their mobile devices (even tablets and smartphones). What a way to convince your kids to stop spending all their time in these devices, agree? 

The problem is that "Larry" does not want to be stuck in mobile devices anymore, and it wants to come to play in the real world. And by play, we mean wrecking all sorts of scary havoc. This was supposed to have a July 24 theatrical release, but the pandemic changed all of that. it is now coming by October 30th -- just in time for Halloween!

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