Drew Barrymore and her newest show were recently mocked by "Saturday Night Live." However, the actress is a true sport because she did not even get mad.

Barrymore apparently did not take offense on how she was described by SNL's Chloe Fineman. 

Fineman made fun of Barrymore on the very first show of Season 46 last Saturday. The sketch featured Fineman spoofing Drew's breathless and husky delivery of her opening lines, as well as her most recent interviews with best pal Reese Witherspoon and ex-husband Tom Green.  

As Fineman played Barrymore on the live show, she described "herself" as "boho free spirit mommy mother movie star," which can be taken as a dig on the actress. Furthermore, Chloe as Barrymore can be seen gushing over "guests" Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman -- both played by Fineman, too!

SNL fans know fully well that these skits do not mean anything truly offensive. Being a true blue supporter of the show, Barrymore understands that.

Barrymore posted a photo from her bedroom beaming up at the camera while her television screen features the sketch. She captioned it with: "I have loved SNL for as long as I know and to also have the @thedrewbarrymoreshow brought to the party is so fun. Honored to be a part of it."

Drew Barrymore Getting Mixed Reviews

In reality, though, Barrymore's new show is getting some mixed positive and negative reviews. Some said they do not know where to place it in the spectrum of shows titled by their own host's name. Some said Barrymore obviously is not used to talking about herself, but she is great at talking at her guests, so it's still a win.

For example, William Hughes of AV Club reviewed the show and said Drew Barrymore sometimes act in a weird way when asked to talk in front of the camera by herself, and then becoming more alive and engaging when there is an actual person to talk to.

Barrymore also has a lot of tricks up her sleeve, which makes the talk show not a conventional one.

"Barrymore jumps between recreating famous movies she's made with her buddies, to monologuing, for minutes at a time, about her love of removing stains from T-shirts," Hughes wrote, noting that fans feel like they are being taken into a wild ride.

Drew shines whenever she is conducting interviews. Most of her initial celebrity guests were her close friends, and it translated on television. When she was talking with them, she was kooky and genuinely interested. 

Some cannot appreciate her solo moments, though, and maybe this is why the SNL skit came about in the first place. Hughes said in his review on AV Club that watching her make mom jokes is a weird experience. He cannot quite find them funny, but he does find it enthralling since the jokes are coming from the A-list celebrity's mouth.

On the other hand, Vulture said that the "The Drew Barrymore Show" is far more bizarre than any CBS daytime talk show. 

It premiered on September 14, so it's barely a month. A lot can still happen.

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