The rumors of Princess Beatrice being responsible for Ed Sheeran's facial scar are true.

Sheeran's manager, Stuart Camp, made the revelation in order to shed light to the injustice done to the singer by the royal. It took so long to be released because there was just a quiet decision to keep the whole thing a secret.

Ed Sheeran Facial Scar Explained 

According to Sheeran's manager, the "Shape of You" singer was physically hurt by Princess Beatrice. Allegedly, the royal slashed the award-winning singer in the face using a ceremonial sword. Camp said that ever since the horrific incident, he had not heard a thing from Princess Beatrice. 

The said slashing event took place at the party at the Oral Lodge, Windsor way back in 2016. Camp recalled how the talented performer required stitches afterward. 

Speaking with the Straight Up podcast, Stuart said that he has gotten protective over the issue because they never got the chance to air out the misgivings they had over the incident publicly. The venue where the bloody incident took place was the same venue where Princess Beatrice got married. 

Ed Sheeran Camp Told To Lie?

According to Camp, he received countless advices to lie and blame the crime onto someone else. He did not like to, so he opted to keep the incident a secret instead. However, now that he has revealed the unfortunate event, he did not mince his words, saying "someone's a f-ing idiot" for waving a sword around while in everyone in the room was in a drunken state. 

Of course, that "someone" is Princess Beatrice. Camp even said hanging out with this "crowd' is like calling for trouble. 

There were already some rumors right after the event when Sheeran's facial laceration became noticeable, but the singer's camp has naturally scrambled to make up a story to cover up what transpired. 

Ed Sheeran Almost Blind, James Blunt Lied?

At the time, rumors had it that Ed Sheeran could have easily been blind now. According to The Sun, the cut happened after Beatrice felt compelled to engage in some "play pretend" in front of knight singer James Blunt at the party.

While swinging the sword, she was not aware that Sheeran was standing close behind her. She sliced the singer's face in the area just a few inches below his right eye. 

Beatrice was reportedly inconsolable while Sheeran was the perfect gentleman, saying he was fine and downplaying the injury he sustained. When he realized he needed to be treated, he got his face stitched up and returned to the party -- as if nothing has transpired.

Ed and others even told Beatrice that it was just an accident and that she did not have anything to feel bad for. 

Blunt, at the time, denied the events. He was there, and he could have easily described the accident, but he said the cut was not made by Beatrice at all. In an interview with Shortlist Magazine in March 2017, he said Sheeran was the one at fault. He claimed the singer was drunk and then messing around so he cut himself. 

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