Deezer Launches in 51 More Countries Following South American Success

Deezer fans rejoice, especially if you hated the fact that Deezer was not in your country yet. Deezer just launched across 51 additional countries, which are Canada, 19 Latin American states as well as 32 European countries. This adds to the growing developments that Deezer engaged in this year.

While 2020 is quite a problem - plunging the whole world into a pandemic, Deezer was continuously hard at work starting from the start of the year to the present to keep innovating and offering more services to its clients.

Case in point, the country this year bet on having Spanish podcasts, believing that it is a very promising but untapped market. In April, the company saw through this vision by launching podcasts in Mexico and Central America so that people on this side of the world have access to more entertainment against the gloom and doom feels brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Deezer did not stop here. In October, the company launched a Latino podcast channel in celebration of the Heritage Month. Recently the company also launched more podcasts in South America and the Caribbean - which just means the Deezer certainly covered the map of the Americas. It is certainly exciting to expand, contrary to what the pandemic wants people to feel.

Statistics showed that Deezer's investments are paying off. The risks it has undertaken are actually turning into rewards. Last month, as high as 30% of people have streamed podcasts and keep returning to stream more - a sign that they have uncovered the addicting lure of podcasts.

People tend to shun podcasts over listening to music, watching movies, and reading books, but podcasts are actually all these and more. Think about it. 

Statistics also revealed that millions of people around the world are taking the initiative to browse more new shows and casts every week - on their own volition. Deezer has a good cause to rejoice, as it knows it is changing the entertainment landscape today. 

With its venture towards additional European and Latin American territories, it would transform how people around the world entertain themselves soon. 

Deezer also added several tabs to its platform, designed for more intelligent and convenient podcasting. The "Shows" tab is the company's unique method to assist listeners in uncovering and managing their podcasts. It's located in the "Music" tab. In the "Music" tab, the listener gets to see the hottest and the recommended podcasts. It's impossible to miss out on something interesting with this method.

The company has evaluated user response to the "Shows" tab and found promising results. The company uncovered that access to "Shows" tab enabled listeners to check out more podcasts and listen to them.

It makes listening to podcasts intuitive and explosive. It makes looking for fresh and hot content easier. But actually, it is more than that. It makes the podcast experience so much more personal. It's like having the people one love hearing or discussing all in one place, brightening up one's day effortlessly. 

If you are a Deezer user, uncovering new podcasts and managing your present favorites has never been simpler. Just click the 'Shows' tab in the Deezer app or visit to start listening.  If you are not yet, what are you waiting for? 

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