The coronavirus pandemic is genuinely putting a dent on many people's plans in life, especially weddings. Lindsey Vonn and PK Subban, like countless others now, have to postpone their wedding because of the pandemic.

Worse, they cannot have a definite date for their union.

Of course, there are also celebrity couples who confronted the problem by having a smaller-scale and more intimate wedding because celebrations with many guests are just too risky. But this is not an option for Vonn and Subban because it's not the number of guests that is the issue, but rather geography. 

Vonn and Subban planned to get married this summer so they would not be caught up with the NHL star's sports season. However, because of the public health crisis and Subban's family is in Canada, they have to delay indefinitely.

"We're kind of in a holding pattern right now," Vonn told People magazine. "With COVID, it just feels like there's no good option, you know?"

It's also apparent that she is heartbroken with what is happening. "The Pack" hosted continued, "I don't have a timeline or a plan, we're just kind of going to wait and see. Obviously, his family is in Canada, so I can't physically get to Canada and they can't get here. It'll happen eventually, we just don't know when."

While she is sad that the big day cannot happen yet, the former Olympian is not that worried about it not pushing through in due time. Vonn said she is secured with the idea that she and Subban are on the same page about getting married despite the glitch.

With that said, they are not in any rush -- though that does not mean she is not sad about it. 

The silver lining with this pandemic is that people are forced to stay home and then find out how swell it is to spend more time with their loved ones.

According to Vonn, she really enjoyed her time at home with her finance during the quarantine

She explained that it really made her know her Subban more, which is great before getting married. Vonn explained, "when you're living together, and you see each other every single day, 24 hours a day," getting to know each other quickly is inevitable.

She added that it has been really good for them to get to know each other because they have gotten closer. 


Lindsey Vonn and PK Subban

Not all couples are that lucky about finding out more about each other. 

But Lindsey and Subban's relationship is a fun and kooky one. Subban proposed to the Olympic skier back in August 2019, and even though she already said yes (which means the engagement is already underway), Vonn proposed back to the hockey star during Christmas.

She gave him an engagement ring on Christmas and took it to social media, claiming it's not only girls who deserve precious engagement rings.

Once the wedding happens, though, one sure group of guests would be her dogs. The gold medalist has three pooches and loves them so much.

The certified dog lover, who is hosting the new dog series "The Pack" on Amazon Prime, said her babies are already family, so they need to be part of her big day. According to People magazine, she even wants them to walk her down the aisle, but that would require them to actually "do as they are told."  

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