Bella Hadid celebrated her 24th birthday in a big way. She went on a jet-setting trip with some of her closest friends, all of them looking cute and cool in their bright-colored bikinis. 

The model herself posted these bikini photos on Thursday night to celebrate her big day -- 24 is an awesome age to turn into, after all.

In a series of images, fans can see Hadid wearing a multi-colored bikini, accessorized with gold necklaces and tons of gold bangles and rings, as well as sunglasses. Devon, her friend, also looked cute in her bikini and yellow sunglasses.

The two shared a few laughs, showing how much fun they were having. They also had a few drinks that the model aptly called "a few Bday elixirs." 

They were obviously very close and comfortable with each other. One of the photos even had Bella jokingly pressing her boob for the camera and one of Devon fake-spanking her butt. These are the pictures one can feel they can hear, as the two smiled, guffawed and laughed like there is no tomorrow. 

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A few Bday elixirs A post shared by Bella (@bellahadid) on Oct 8, 2020 at 8:05pm PDT


Bella Hadid's Birthday Celebration

But reaching the destination was far more interesting. Hours before her swimming party started, Hadid shared a few pictures with her friends on a private jet decorated with fun balloons. She posted the photos with the caption that she feels really lucky.

Bella added that she is not a big party kind of girl, canceling whenever some celebrations were planned for her birthday. But this year, the model said she wanted to take her awesome friends on an adventure that she can no longer ask for refunds for. 

In one of the photos, the group crowded the limited space in the jet to pose and look cute and goofy for the camera.

For her part, Bella has never looked this colorful -- with a pink halter that she folded into a crop top, a denim jacket, a yellow hat, an ash grayish-blue sunglasses and truckers.

Gold jewelry -- the ones she was wearing on the pool as well -- accentuated everything. She had a gold chain highlighting her tiny waist, too -- giving off that 90s vibes.

On other pics, she could also be seenwearing some Nikes to complete her retro look.

No Gigi

Since her sister Gigi Hadid just gave birth, it was natural that she missed the fun trip. She and Bella usually spend their birthdays together, but things are changing -- for the better, anyway. On her Instagram, Gigi revealed that she was having her very first date night with baby daddy Zayn Malik after she delivered her baby. 

She quickly clarified, though, that they were just in the house and the baby was just in another room with her own mom, Yolanda Hadid. 

While absent on her sister's birthday bash, Gigi still shared a very sweet message for her. Posting never-before-seen photos of them together, and one pregnancy snap with Bella, she wrote: "Today I celebrate, but am always grateful for, the 24 years that I have been blessed with my baby sister who always has my back and brings me the yummiest treats. I am so proud of your constant growth and light."

She did not stop there

"You have a beautiful heart, and I wish you a year of every opportunity to do what makes you the most fulfilled, sharing that magic near and far. WHO LOVES YOU?! YOUR SISTER. Have the best day !!!!!! HAPPY BDAY," she added. 


Well-wishers greeted Bella happy birthday on Gigi's post, signifying how much the model is loved.

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