Ever since Kourtney Kardashian started acting like besties with TikTok star Addison Rae, many have raised their eyebrows and question how their friendship could work despite the age gap.

Many find it bizarre that the 41-year-old "Keeping Up With The Kardashian" star would get along with a girl half her age that could even pass as her niece.

Despite critics questioning the intention of their friendship, Kourtney and Addison continued hanging out in the middle of a global pandemic.

How did Kourtney and Addison become friends?

It all started because of a TikTok collaboration. Nope, not with Kourtney but her 10-year-old son, Mason. In an interview in July 2020, Addison explained that YouTuber David Dobrik introduced her to the family after learning Mason is a huge fan of her TikTok clips.

After appearing on several TikToks with Mason, Addison said she hanged around with Kourtney and surprisingly got close.

"I kind of just stuck around, and we got really close. We started working out together. We did a video on her YouTube of us doing a butt workout and stuff, so that was fun," Addison told "The Tom Ward Show."

Since then, Kourtney appeared in some of Addison's Tiktok clips, including one where they are referring "bestie" to each other.

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Recent Hangouts

Just recently, the 19-year-old social media personality was seen enjoying a girl bonding with the mother-of-three in New York City.

Based on the photos obtained by the "Daily Mail," the duo were spotted coming out of the hotel on a Sunday morning. The new BFFs came out in an on-point fashion that complimented each others' looks.

The "Poosh" founder first came out wearing a long black trench coat, a pair of black loafers, and a micro Hermes bag. She finishes off her chic look by wearing a black cat-eye glasses and a black face mask.

On the other hand, Addison pulled off a retro vibes look with an orange and white wrap dress, which appears to be tiger stripes. She paired it with black chunky platform boots, a mini-Prada bag, and a black face mask.

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Friend With Benefits?

While Kourtney and Addison have a very harmless friendship, rumor has it that the two did not accidentally click and became friends. It turns out that the eldest among the Kardashian siblings are cashing on the friendship.

Based on the tip gathered by the notorious celebrity Instagram account @deuxmoi, Kourtney Kardashian is "getting paid" to make Addison famous.

Addison Rae Rumor
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"The rumor on set is that the Kardashian invested in Addison and her family becoming the next generation 'Keeping Up," the source revealed

"So Kourtney gets paid to promote and make her more famous," the source added.

The insider also claims contracts and money are involved every time the TikTok star is hanging out with Kourtney.

"Hanging out with KK made her much more famous, and there was definitely a money/ contract exchange for exposure with KK," the source continued, adding that some people are clueless who Addison is until she became BFFs with Kourtney.

The gossip account made it clear that these tips were just rumors. As of writing, either Kourtney or Addison has yet to comment on this gossip.

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