Kanye West Victory? Presidential Rapper Celebrates Over Fake Partial Election Result

Kanye West

Weeks before the US Presidential Election Day, Kanye West appears to be on his way to victory and become the 46th Presiden of the United States, or at least that what he thought?

Earlier this week, the rapper-turned-presidential candidate took to Twitter to celebrate after getting a partial vote result showing him getting 19% of votes from Kentucky. 

In the short clip, the 43-year-old aspiring president could be seen jumping out of joy and excitedly showing someone the poll result from his smartphone. 

"This is how I felt when I saw that Kentucky pole [sic] result," Kanye wrote alongside the video where he is enthusiastically yelling, "Get the West Wing ready."

Before sharing the celebratory clip, Kanye West also posted a screenshot of the Kentucky election result, which he showed on the video. The result shows his 19% vote ahead of incumbent President Donald Trump with 12% and Democratic candidate Joe Bidden with 14%.

The partial poll result seems to have excited Kanye's spirits and even made a follow-up tweet discrediting those who discouraged him from fulfilling his presidential dreams. 


Fake Poll Result

But it looks like the "Yeezy" founder should have held his excitement for a while now as it turns out he shared an invalid poll result. 

In a Twitter post of Kanye's source, LEX 18 News clarified that a specific error caused the initial figures on their website. 

"Someone discovered a cached web link that we used during June's primary election to post Associated Press election results," Lex 18 News tweeted. 

"The old link was still populating current AP data and showed test results, which is part of the preparation the AP does in advance of elections," the outlet added.

In a follow-up tweet, Lex 18 News said the results shown earlier are invalid. 

"The results shown were not valid. They were simply part of a test. We regret the discovery of the cached web link and have removed the data from that page. We apologize for any confusion," the outlet explained. 

As of writing, both of Kanye's tweets showing the fake poll result was tagged as "manipulated media" by Twitter. 

The rapper's name only appeared on the ballot of 11 states; that is why he has been encouraging his supporters to write-in his name on the ballots. 

On his first official presidential campaign ad, aside from emphasizing the importance of religion and family, Kanye also urged his followers to write him in to make their votes count. 

Celebratory Song?

But the confusing result did not burst Kanye West's bubbles as he continues celebrating his small win. In fact, the rapper was so hyped up that he decided to release a new freestyle track called "NAH NAH NAH."

"The whole team is so energized that I had to release theme music," Kanye wrote alongside a clip of Joaquin Buckley's victorious moment at UFC Fight Night 5.

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