Tiffany Trump Canceled: First Daughter Gets Massive Backlash Over Miami Party

Tiffany Trump

In the middle of a pandemic, nothing is worse than risking the lives of others. However, that is exactly what Tiffany Trump did--at least in the eyes of her critics--when she threw a lavish party in these scary times.

Bye Tiffany Trump 

"Bye Tiffany" started to trend on Twitter when footage from her birthday parties circulated onlline. The video showed the First Daughter partying at multiple Miami hotspots. Not only is that not safe, Twitter users say, but that is being immensly insensitive as many Americans have suffered and are still continuing to suffer during the pandemic.

The number of COVID-19 deaths in Florida has already reached 16,000. However, Tiffany could not be deterred as she celebrated her big day with not just one, but multiple lavish and massive birthday parties across Miami.

Her dad was actually hospitalized recently for testing positive for the dreaded coronavirus. And yet, as the footage showed, Tiffany was not bothered. She was seen popping bottles of champagne, dancing, and having fun with a cake decorated with her Instagrams. 

Cancel Tiffany Trump Campaign 

How did the public get hold of the footage anyway? Meidas Touch produced a video targeting Donald Trump's daughter for even celebrating when lives are already being destroyed by the virus. More so when the pandemic is not even remotely over. 

The so-called video contrasts Tiffany's gleeful partying with news footage of everyday Americans dealing with the consequences of the COVID-19. 

The video hints that as Tiffany pranced around Miami being happy that she is born on this day 27 years ago, many are missing out on equally important dates of their lives--including their birthdays, proms, weddings and many more. 

To cap off the "attack" ad, Tiffany's speech at the Republican National Convention was shown. Ironically, she said: "I relate to so many of you who might be looking for a job. Believe me."

At the time, Tiffany was referring to the fact that she just got out of school and presumably looking for the job that would launch her career. She graduated from Georgetown Law School in May, and, at the time, has not landed a job in the field just yet. 

Naturally the video enraged viewers who remembered what she said in her speech. Below is one tweet essentially calling Tiffany a big hypocrite:

"1. Millions suffering; 216,025 dead; celebrations & schools cancelled; so many sacrifices. Our elderly isolated in locked down NHs since March. But rules don't apply to the #PrivilegedRich!"

Many have the same sentiments. 

Trump Family COVID-19 Update

Meanwhile, Melania Trump recently released a statement to confirm that she has already recovered from COVID-19 through the help of an effective medical team.

She also revealed that her son with President Donald Trump, Barron, tested positive for the virus as well. Fortunately, because he is a fit young man, he was able to surpass it.

The First Lady called on people to be more mindful of what matters--family and health--as opposed to being dragged by the negativity of election politics.

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