Simon Cowell Breaks Important Life Rule For Faster Recovery of Broken Back

Simon Cowell

It's been two months since the tragic bike accident of Simon Cowell. 

Thankfully, he is recovering from that and is said to be feeling better now. 

However, the music mogul is said to be gaining some weight, breaking his strict vegan diet to give him a speedy recovery.

His friend Sinitta claimed that the 61-year-old talent show judge is packing on some weight and feeling much healthier after shedding off 60 pounds years ago as part of his lifestyle overhaul. 

Sinitta, who lives in California with partner Lauren Silverman, said that Simon Cowell also added some protein to his diet to aid his recovery. 

Speaking to The Sun, she revealed that she was able to talk to Simon last week, who "sounded so much better."

"He wasn't dazed, sedated, or weak. He was really bright, happy, and clear."

Sinitta added, "He's gained a bit of weight and is looking healthier. He said he had to start eating protein, calcium, and break his vegan diet to rebuild his strength." 

The musician continued that breaking from his important eating rule in life meant he packed on some energy. 

"He was bloated and stressed, then he was too thin and exhausted. Now, he is fit and relaxed. He found his sweet spot." 

In August, a source told The Mirror that Lauren Silverman, Simon's girlfriend, has been making his favorite Italian bean soup and cottage pie with turkey while he was at the hospital.

"His diet is incredibly healthy, but there's nothing better than traditional English comfort foods and treats when you're on the mend." 

For the first time early this month, Simon Cowell was spotted at his 61st birthday party.

In one of the Instagram Stories of ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour, they were beside her daughter Coco and Simon's son Eric who sang "Happy Birthday" with excitement. 

Simon was seen sitting on a chair in the clip from his birthday bash. 

Strict Plant-Based Diet

In 2017, Simon Cowell switched to a plant-based diet after falling down the stairs because of his low blood pressure.

In an interview with The Sun, he revealed that his doctor advised him to get rid of dairy, gluten, sugar, and red meat. 

"I cut out a lot of the stuff I shouldn't have been eating, and that was primarily the four main things." 

His lifestyle not only lost his a few pounds but also made him feel more energetic and sharper. Simon also credited the diet for getting better sleep. 

Simon's Realization

Simon's terrifying bike accident from August only made him realize that he's not invincible. 

An unnamed source told The Daily Mail that the businessman saw the accident as a wake-up call about his health and lifestyle. 

"He was nearly paralyzed and feels lucky to be recovering at all," they added. 

The life-changing event has also led him to finally consider asking his girlfriend of seven years, Lauren Silverman, to yet be his wife

"The fall was of life-changing seriousness," the insider added. 

"Some in his circle think it might even make him think again about making a commitment of marriage to Lauren."  

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