Jennifer Garner sent her Instagram followers into a total frenzy after posting a pre-Halloween photo, which her fans interpreted the wrong way.

On Sunday, the 48-year-old actress took to Instagram and posted a wholesome picture of herself gearing up for the upcoming Halloween.

In the photo, Jennifer is wearing a plain white tee, jeans, and a pair of white sneakers. She finishes off her look with a messy bun. Jennifer was seated on the floor, hugging a huge carved pumpkin with tiny square windows.

Interestingly, the giant pumpkin has a large square door, which features another tiny smiling pumpkin.

"When you and your jack-o'-lantern share a vibe," Jennifer wrote on the caption, adding triple pumpkin emoji.

Obviously, the "13 Going on 30" star was referring to the same smile she and the little pumpkin shares.

While the photo was flooded with compliments on how cute Jennifer and the pumpkin is, many fans interpreted the picture in a whole different way.

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 When you and your jack-o’-lantern share a vibe… A post shared by  Jennifer Garner (@jennifer.garner) on Oct 25, 2020 at 12:11pm PDT


Pumpkin Sparked Pregnancy Speculations

Apparently, some followers think that it is the mother-of-three's low-key way of announcing that she is already expecting baby number four. Jennifer shares three adorable children, namely Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and 8-year-old Samuel, with her ex-husband, Ben Affleck.

"Wait, what? You're pregnant?" one follower asked.

Another one assumed: "Wait... is she saying she has a baby in her belly?"

"Wait... are you pregnant, or is this something from back when someone posted a pic and thought you were, but it was quarantine weight? Please say you are!" one follower wrote.

"Um... does this mean there is a little Jennifer behind that pumpkin?" another one commented.

Instagram comment
(Photo : Via Instagram: @jennifer.garner)
Instagram comment
(Photo : Via Instagram: @jennifer.garner)

Not Pregnant!

To set the record straight, Jennifer replied to one comment that reads: "I thought this was a pregnancy announcement for a hot second."

Jennifer then clarified that she is not expecting any more babies.

"STILL NOT HAVING MORE BABIES," Jennifer wrote with Monkey-covered eyes emoji.

"Good grief, I didn't even see it. I just saw matching smiles," she added.

Clearly, the "Miracles From Heaven" actress was just ecstatic that she and the little pumpkin had an identical smile, making it Instagram worthy.

Previous Pregnancy Rumors

It is not the first time that Jennifer Garner sparked pregnancy rumors. Last month, the actress also clarified that she is not expecting a baby after an Instagram follower had the guts to ask if she is pregnant after posting a video on the social media platform.

"I am 48, have three healthy kids, and am not -- and never will be -- pregnant," the "Peppermint" star wrote.

"We can lay that pupper to rest. Have [I] gained the COVID-19? Possibly. But that is another story," she added.

In the video, Jennifer was wearing denim overalls on top of a striped T-shirt and denim overalls as she spends a day on a farm. The actress showed off their family's massive farmland by driving a tractor and harvesting sweet potatoes.

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