Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are showing exactly why co-parenting is a sucess for them. They are completely on the same page on many things, including their holiday plans for Stormi. 

Kylie and her ex-BF could not wait to spend the upcoming holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, together as a family with their daughter Stormi. Not being in a relationship is obviously not a hindrance to acting like a family, especially during the special occasions. 

"Kylie and Travis will spend the holidays with Stormi together," a source told Hollywood Life. "They get along great and talk multiple times a day and although they're not a couple, they are completely on the same page when it comes to their daughter and respecting one another."

What makes it so easy for them is because they have no issues with each other. They may not have worked as a couple, but they certainly work as parents to their kid. They do not have any ill-feelings towards each other, so it's just easy to talk and plan what would be the best for their child.

"There's not an ounce of bad blood there," the insider explained. "They communicate very, very well and are very mature when it comes to figuring out plans and raising their daughter. Their biggest priority is giving Stormi a wonderful home and they do things together all of the time as a family." 

Naturally, the more they find it easy to work as a team for Stormi, the more the rumors of them being back together intensify.

There has been ongoing questions about whether or not Kylie and Travis, who officially split in Oct. 2019, have reconciled. However, none of them had given a definitive yes or a sure no.

The makeup mogul and rapper just continue to spend time together while co-parenting Stormi, uncaring of the rumors and questions. 

What has been noticeable, however, is that Kylie is posting less and less about her personal life on social media. Instead, she's mainly using her platform to promote her cosmetics business and other professional endeavors. 

The source implied that this is because the two are really getting close together and no longer want the public butting in.

"Kylie has just been more private about posting constantly when it comes to Travis, but they're together as a family more than social media knows," the insider admitted. "The holidays will be no different." 

Unlike the Grinch, whom Kylie Cosmetics chose to partner up with for her latest offering for the holidays, Kylie loves Christmas. 

She has shown off her anticipation for the holidays by already decorating her home and Christmas tree.

Stormi's mom recently shared a video of her Christmas-themed backyard on Nov. 12, which showed a palm tree with green and red lights. She told her followers she was "in full Christmas mode" as she demonstrated how impressive the lights were.

With parents getting along despite the split and a mom who is willing to give her the best Christmas ever, Stormi is one lucky kid. 

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