The battle for Song of the Year in the 2021 Grammys is a tough one; however, there's one that particularly stands out.

White it may be a controversial 2021 Grammy Awards prediction, Beyonce's "Black Parade" could very well win the coveted title.

Recently, Interim Recording Academy President Harvey Mason Jr. unveiled the long list of artists who made it to the 2021 Grammy Awards nominations. Although the roster contains several surprising names in the industry, Beyonce's name outshined them all--as always!

Before the next awards night, Queen Bey automatically led the race by sweeping nine nominations from GrammysThis made her the most nominated female performer in Grammy history. If she wins these recognitions, she would gain great additions to her 24 Grammy trophies at home and become the most awarded female artist of the ceremony.

For this year, her track "Black Parade" paved the way for her toward history after scoring four nods: Song of the Year, Record of the Year, Best R&B Song, and Best R&B Performance.

For the Song of the year, it competes with  "The Box," "Cardigan," "Circles," "Don't Start Now," "Everything I Wanted," "I Can't Breathe," and "If the World was Ending."

"Black Parade" is The Most Creative and Savage Song Ever

To write and perform a song about empowerment amid all the sensitive events in the country, including the Black Lives Matter protests, shows how powerful Beyonce can be.

Queen Bey first dropped the ferocious title during the Juneteeth weekend. While people were experiencing hardships amid the health crisis and social climate, the singer freely shared the song to highlight the end of slavery in the country.

What made "Black Parade" stand out is the fact that Beyonce shared her own life and southern roots in pursuit of defending the Black community.

Through the song, she called out everyone who became slaves of racism.

Although it seems to be a political song, it delivered the message in the most powerful and beautiful way.

Beyonce Shows Her Other Side Through The Song

Throughout her active years, the fans of the 39-year-old singer have already heard her trademark mezzo-soprano voice.

However, this time, Beyonce ditched her operatic style and rapped the lyrics at the top of her lungs.

In "Black Parade," she emerged with that perfect rhythmic flow, spitting blistering lyrics about the most-talked-about topics.

Though her trademark voice still appeared, a rapping Beyonce just made the whole performance out-of-this-world. A total package, to be honest.

It Is No Ordinary Protest Track

In the song, Beyonce found the best way to support all those bullied, harmed, and abused.

"Black Parade" openly celebrated the beauty and power of being Black. While including Black culture in her albums is no longer new, her recent track allowed everyone to take an in-depth look at the Black experience.

This not a typical protest at all. Instead, it is the anthem that deserves to be heard in the 2021 Grammys--which is exactly why it topped our 2021 Grammy Awards predicition.

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