Pregnant Mandy Moore suffered a big loss right in the middle of the pandemic. The singer lost her dog Joni, and she took to Instagram to share her grief. 

Mandy is mourning the loss of her dog on social media, revealing that little Joni passed away on Nov. 30.

"Last night, very unexpectedly, we lost our Joni girl," Moore started her post on Instagram alongside a very cute photo of Joni.

"Yes, she was almost 13. Yes, she had pretty major surgery a week ago to remove a mass on her liver but she was recovering really well. Until last night."


The grieving actress also said that she saw something grave happening already before deciding to remember the good times with Joni instead--starting from how she met her.  

"I knew something was amiss when she, lifelong food-obsessed, didn't finish her dinner and couldn't get comfortable in bed (despite being on pain meds)," Moore continued. "My mama intuition told me to bring her in and I'm glad we did." 

According to Moore, she found Joni online at The Barking Lot rescue outside of San Diego in 2008, describing the instant love she felt for the dog. She even told Joni that the two of them would brave the world. 

Mandy Moore tried to lighten the mood by saying Joni probably did not like to share her love and attention, so she did not bother waiting for her human brother to arrive.

Mandy Moore's Pregnancy 

Moore announced in September that she is pregnant with Taylor Goldsmith's baby, all while also sharing that the bundle of joy is going to be a boy. 

Even though she was previously married to Ryan Adams, they did not share any children. Instead, the marriage ended quite badly, with Moore confessing that she was "psychologically abused" and controlled during their seven-year marriage from 2009 to 2016. Adams tried to address the issue in public, but Moore said he should have apologized privately

She was recently asked if her baby bump will be making an appearance on her highly acclaimed series "This is Us," and she said the team will be making sure it will not in many creative ways. She plays Rebecca on the show, who is a mom of three already, so it's going to be hard to write a pregnancy in at a short notice.

"I'm sure you'll see Rebecca carrying a lot of laundry baskets and pures oversized pursues, God knows what, for the next few months," she told E! News. "I've also heard they can digitally change things if need me."  

For what it's worth, the show can just shoot her from above the belly and up. The "When I Wasn't Watching" singer actually said fans should expect "less full body shots" of her in the upcoming episodes.          

Series creator Dan Fogelman also revealed in a virtual press conference in October that the "This is Us" team would utilize its multiple timelines approach when Moore became too heavily pregnant. In other words, this is not that big of a bother and the show can make do.        

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