Catherine Zeta-Jones is going all-out in her Christmas decorations. The year might have been quite weird and different, but being festive during the holidays should not be faulted.

She believes in this so much that she even injured her foot while decorating her home for the holidays. 

The 51-year-old Oscar winner revealed in a video on Instagram that she injured her foot after a decorating accident. 

"So, I was putting up my Christmas decorations and an iron rod that's supposed to be a sculpture - which I don't even like - fell on my foot, and it hurts," the actress said in the video clip. "Happy Sunday."

"Ziplock Zeta foot fashion!" she captioned the post. "Ice ice baby."

For what it's worth, she was ultimately successful in getting the look she wants. She posted a follow-up video of the output of her decorating efforts, featuring a Christmas tree full of red hearts and glowing lights.

Catherize Zeta-Jones' Beauty

It's obvious that at her age, she has the energy of a young person. Recently, her agelessness was noticed when she posted a throwback picture of her at 17 and fans observed her present-day appearance did not change much. The actress wrote that shooting for that photo feels just like yesterday, and many quipped that it looks like it was indeed, "just yesterday." 

The actress started her showbiz career really young, but it can be seen that the stresses of this industry did not get into her. 

She was recently interviewed and the actress revealed no signs that she's entertaining thoughts of retiring. She has future acting plans lined up and idolizes how her husband, Michael Douglas--25 years her senior--still has a great acting career. 

"I've had such a fantastic career on stage and on film... my husband is 25 years older than me, he's having great success on his Netflix show," she said (via ET Canada). "I'm really looking forward to finding the right thing. I feel very blessed that I can wait that out, to find the right thing." 

But no matter how excited she is of the future, she seems so grateful of the present. One good thing about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, however, is that it forces her to examine her life and appreciate what she has.

"What I found out about myself [in lockdown] is how crucial a structure is in my life. I was watching all these actresses and people in the media who seem to be able to do everything in quarantine, they're baking and making bread and sourdough," she added. 

Catherine got a new dog some months before the news of the COVID-19 pandemic broke loose, forcing people to stay at home. She named it Taylor Douglas after his first puppy, Kirk Douglas, died.

This was a stroke of luck. Catherine Zeta-Jones shared how lucky she and her family were to have the little pup with them to distract them with things going awry outside. 

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