Ellen DeGeneres is the latest Hollywood star to test positive for COVID-19.

Things are not getting better for DeGeneres after she revealed that she tested positive for the coronavirus. On December 11, the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" host shared the update about her diagnosis, saying that she got the disease but "is feeling fine" already.

According to the 62-year-old comedian, she and her team have already notified everyone who has been in close contact with her.

In addition, she said she is following CDC guidelines, including quarantining herself, in order to prevent the further spread of the virus.

"I'll see you all again after the holidays. Please stay healthy and safe. Love, Ellen," she went on.

Her tweet caused her followers to leave mixed reactions in the comments section, though. While most of her fans wished her well, some questioned how she got the disease despite the strict rules in the show.

One Twitter user said, "If she had a mask and followed all protocols how is it possible to get COVID. Just wondering."

"How did that happen, Ellen? I thought you followed CDC the whole time," another one said. "I wonder if I will get it no matter what I do. Wear my mask, shield proof face and 6ft away and wash hands."

Another person added, "Maybe the ratings have gone down ever since it was revealed the Ellen show had some negativity on how people were are treated?"

DeGeneres' Show Affected, Too

The diagnosis is a huge blow not only for the talk show host but also to her show.

To recall, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" only came back in October 2020. It then became one of the first TV shows to return amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In order to follow the government protocols, they only invited a limited number of in-studio audience members to ensure everyone's safety.

On October 28, only 40 fans filled the studio, which originally holds 300 audience members.

Still, her comeback did not erase the fact that she caused a toxic environment issue on the show. After the bombshell claims against her emerged, the show's ratings plummeted.

According to Nielsen figures (via USA Today), DeGeneres' monologue during the Season 18 opening did not invite more viewers.

Cinema Blend added that the show faced a 38 percent rating drop for the same-day viewing compared to the season premiere in 2019

Meanwhile, since September 21, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" only managed to get an average of 1.66 million viewers per week. The numbers remarkably declined compared to the 2.67 million viewers of the same week last year.

Despite these drawbacks and controversies, Ellen still won the E! People's Choice Award for Best Daytime Talk Show in November.

"Thank you, from deep down in my heart," Ellen said of the award before saying that her "amazing crew and amazing staff who make the show possible."

She also took her time to thank her fans who, amid the hardships she has been facing, remain positive and supportive.

Due to DeGeneres' health issue, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" has halted its production until January 2021.

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