Justin Bieber's new eye tattoo made headlines Wednesday when pictures were posted on Instagram by both the singer and tattoo artist, but the ink job was not cheap or quick.

Bang Bang NYC, the parlor behind the tattoo, told Enstars getting the same tattoo as Bieber requires coming in for a 15-minute consultation and then to set up for an appointment, making it impossible for one to just walk into the shop and ask for the same ink as the Beauty and a Beat singer. Bang Bang himself did the tattoo and to book with him, his hourly rate is $400 and he currently has a minimum of $1,000 for any tattoo he does. There is then a 25 percent deposit due at the first appointment.

Other artists in the shop charge $300-400 an hour.

The shop worker reveald that the "Eye" tattoo takes "at least two hours" to be completed, but that isn't stopping fans from requesting the tat. The shop worker revealed a few people have called in about getting a replica of Bieber's ink.

Bieber's new tattoo is a nod to his mother Pattie Mallette always looking out for him. He posted a picture of the tattoo on Instagram and captioned the photo, "did this art .,Moms always watching ;)"

Bang Bang NYC is located at 26 Clinton St. Tattoo artist Keith McCurdy, who gave Bieber his "Believe" tattoo in 2012, said he opened the store on Tuesday night especially for the singer.

"Justin said the tattoo was about his mother always watching over him, kind of like a protection," McCurdy said. "He said it hurt because it's a difficult place to tattoo, so he asked me to hurry up. He wants more tattoos. He likes realistic stuff."

Other celebrites inked by the tattoo parlor include Cara Delevingne, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Ashley Tisdale, Vanesa Hudgens, Adele, Katy Perry and Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.