Amber Heard had reportedly lied to everyone when she said she would be donating all of the money from the divorce settlement she got from Johnny Depp. 

According to Depp's lawyer Adam Waldman, the "Aquaman" actress didn't donate the $7 million to the Children's Hospital.

The lawyer reacted to a report from British tabloid The Sun with the headline that said, "Abused Amber Opens Up: Amber Heard Declared A 'Hero' By Legal Team As She Speaks About Surviving' Years of Abuse' At the Hands of 'Malicious' Johnny Depp."

Waldman also uploaded a screenshot of the deposition by Sasha Wass, the tabloid's lawyer. 

In a tweet posted by Waldman, he claimed that Amber Heard's under oath donation was said to be "false" and went as far as to claim that the blonde actress didn't donate anything. 

"The Sun's barrister Sasha Wass misleading the UK court, razzle dazzling Heard's false under oath donation claims she has been making for four years re Children's Hospital."

Waldman then quipped, "The Hospital's correspondence exposes the lies; she donated an amount that rhymes with 'Hero,'" which meant she donated an amount of zero. 

In a series of tweets, Depp's lawyer also said that Heard's pledge was supposed to be given to ACLU and CHLA, with each institution about to receive $3.5 million. 

Amber Heard wanted to prove to everything that she wasn't after the "Edward Scissorhands" star's money, which was why she promised to give away all of the divorce money settlement. 

But Waldman claimed that these two charities didn't receive even a single penny from Heard.

Further, in the deposition, Wass was able to show a reference number of the document that said to have been supported by the actress's donation, but the judge didn't have the time to make a double-check. 

Additionally, Wass stressed that Amber Heard's name was included on the list of people who donated to the said charities. 

Wass said at that time, "Again, I leave my Lord just with the reference, rather than asking you to look it up now. File 5.1, tab 206A, page F1332 shows a list of donors to the children's hospital of Los Angeles."

She added, "Making donations between $1 million and just shy of $5 million, so in the bracket, and it includes the name of Amber Heard."

Meanwhile, in Waldman's other posts, he posted documents about an anonymous donation made to the Children's Hospital through Heard's recommendation that amounted to $500,000 in 2017 and another $250,000 in 2018. 

But he pointed out that the donations weren't from the divorce settlement and not even from the former Mrs. Depp because the money was from anonymous donors. 

Though Heard promised to give all of the money she made from the divorce from her movie star husband Johnny Depp, the 34-year-old fails to prove that she did it.

Waldman also attacked the Children's Hospital for "allowing your institution to be used for fake PR to ruin the life of a man you once honored."  

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are still not done with their legal battle, as they are yet to face in court for Depp's $50 million defamation lawsuit and Heard's $100 million countersuit.

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