Serena Williams purchased a beautiful waterfront home in Miami and recently gave a house tour of her new place.

She was embarking on her journey, leaving behind the home she shared with her sister, Venus Williams.

Despite already owning and spending time in her other properties, moving into the house was an emotional milestone for the tennis champion.

The mom-of-one told Architectural Digest, "I was moving away from Venus for the first time in my life, so I wanted it to be really meaningful."

Being an athlete and winning awards, it's only fitting that she has a designated area to show off some of her trophies.

Serena Williams' House Has Insane Trophy Room!

Serena Williams' Miami home contains the shining trophies she won at the French Open, Australian Open, the US Open, Wimbledon and many more.

She has so many trophies that it's challenging to keep track of what award she had and where some of them are located.

The 39-year-old is, after all, considered to be the tennis GOAT. She has won 23 grand slam titles so far in her professional career, including when she was at least eight weeks pregnant.

She also won 14 grand slam double titles with her sister and two other major mixed double titles.

It only seems normal that she wouldn't be able to keep track of her grand slams.

But when she saw a runner-up trophy in there, Williams' voice had a hint of disgust because she has all the majors represented.

In the Architectural Digest video, she said, "Yeah, I see a second-place trophy, but I'm gonna put that one in the trash."

"It shouldn't be there," she added. "We don't keep second place."

And that's why Serena Williams is the ultimate tennis GOAT.

Serena Williams Waiving a Tennis Court

Being a tennis champion, many would think they should have their sporting equipment at arms reach.

With Serena Williams, who has a net worth of $200 million, she didn't install a tennis court in her massive home.

She explained, "I wanted to separate home from work. I love being home. "

"When you have our job, you never get time to relax. So it's good for me to be able to sit still and do nothing."

Serena Williams' Favorite Part of Her House

It's not the trophy room nor her room, but Williams' favorite part of her house is the art space.

It features 28-foot floor-to-ceiling windows and white walls, the perfect area to show off selections from the athlete's art collection.

Explaining about setting the tone for the rest of her home, Serena Williams said, "So we created a space that she can use and enjoy and live with the art, and invite other people to absorb it and have that emotional connection as soon as you walk in."

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