On Sunday, Tom Brady played in his 10th Super Bowl, winning his fifth Super Bowl MVP award and his seventh Vince Lombardi Trophy.

After 20 years with the New England Patriots, he left the team last offseason to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers--eventually leading them to the promised land.

Being at the age of 43, some believe that the award-winning athlete wouldn't be able to compete at the highest level. However, he proved them all wrong when the Buccaneers took down three future Hall of Fame quarterbacks in the playoffs and went straight to a Super Bowl victory.

Nonetheless, despite Gisele Bundchen's husband proving doubters that age is just a number, he showed that he is an old man in one area.

One of Brady's teammates roasted him for his taste in music and suggested that perhaps he could use some help.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Ronald Jones II, the running back for the Buccaneers, said: "I gotta help him out with his music."

He further explained, "He has too many old playlists in there. Too many throwbacks on there. I need to put him on some new music."

When he was asked what he would be adding to his teammate's playlist, the 23-year-old footballer answered, "Young Thug, Lil Baby."

Ronald Jones is almost half of Brady's age, which would explain why they have different tastes in music.

Tom Brady's Music

Though Brady's music taste may not be for everyone, it's evident that it all worked out well for him in the last few years.

On Monday, he posted the perfect song on his Instagram following his win. It was "What's My Age Again" by Blink 182.

On Reddit, one user said, "He definitely has a great knowledge of songs because it seems like he always knows the perfect song for each post."

Another user mentioned how Blink 182's song was a massive hit when he was young and that everybody loves listening to music from their own youth: "That song came out in 1999, so when he was a senior in college."

Last year, a playlist Tom Brady listens to get in the zone was published on Spotify.

He has songs by Jay-Z, Imagine Dragons, Diddy, Travis Scott, 50 Cent, Eminem, Nelly, OT Genesis, Lil Baby and Drake.

In another interview with ESPN in 2018, Tom revealed that some artists on his playlist include Pearl Jam, Coldplay, U2, and Kendrick Lamar.

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