Marvel fans thought they already saw the biggest reveals in the previous episodes. However, the "WandaVision" episode 8 unveiled more stories that stirred questions and theories.

To recall, episode 7 dropped major revelations about the series, including Mephisto and Monica Rambeau's real identity.

Meanwhile, episode 8 revealed another character's identity. Agatha, a witch in 17th century Salem, Massachusetts, interrogates Wanda in her basement.

It has been known that she plays two roles in the comics, and one of which is to help Wanda that her kids are not real. The neighbor also helps Wanda realize how she became powerful enough to create the hex in the Westview.

In the end, they discover that the Chaos Magic is behind those things. The power from the comics never reached the MCU until now.

Because of this, questions and theories began to arise, and fans demand answers as soon as possible.


Mind Stone Reveals Itself to Wanda

One of the scenes in "WandaVision" season 8 shows how the Hydra experiment ignited her powers.

In one of the character's visions, Wanda sees Mind Stone opening up toward her. She then sees a reflection of herself dressed in her comic book costume.

The discovery of Chaos Magic seemed to be connected to this one, but the whole explanation is yet to be revealed.

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Are Tommy, Billy, and Vision Real?

It has been known that everything inside the hex is not real. However, there are instances that Wanda's family appears to have their own minds.

After discovering the Chaos Magic, it finally becomes clear that her family inside the Westview Hex are fruits of her reality-altering power.

It is still worth noting, though, that Vision attempted to leave the Hex in episode 6, causing people to theorize that he is real. But at one point, he ended up being disintegrated.

Where is Monica Rambeau?

During episode 7, Pietro Maximoff (who revealed to be a conjuration of Agatha) confronted Monica.

But the new episode did not show even their shadows. They are expected to return for the series finale, especially since Monica's powers became of the arcs of the show.

As for Pietro, his role remains unclear, or whether or not he will stay in the MCU after the "WandaVision" series on Disney+.

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