Ahead of Dr. Mehmet Oz's stint as "Jeopardy!" guest host, the show's official Twitter account shared a video of him, announcing that they would continue to film with the new game master.

"New episodes of Jeopardy! continue this week with guest host @DrOz!" it captioned the post.

On Monday, Dr. Oz began his two-week run as a guest host of "Jeopardy!" After filming his first episode, he spoke about how he used to watch the original host from backstage.

In an interview with TV Insider, the physician recalled how Trebek made it look so easy.

"I can attest to you, having hosted the show 10 times now, that it's a bit of a challenge and you need a little training. You need to make the contestants feel comfortable," he said.

He went on to applaud Trebek's "very calming demeanor" which caused the late game show host to win people's hearts.

Dr. Oz also described how walking onto the set of the game show felt eerie since Trebek should always be the one doing it.

Fortunately, the team helped him make his adjustments and transitioned from being a once-viewer to becoming the host.

He will continue hosting the show for the next two weeks. Despite his fresh start, he received mixed reactions from fans.

Dr. Oz Incomparable to Trebek?

Despite the positive thought that he has, he immediately caused #BoycottJeopardy to take over the internet instead.

Obviously, the decision to hire him caused massive criticisms. And since the game show's team did not grant people's request not to allow Dr. Oz's appearance, they started to ask everyone to boycott the show in lieu.

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On Twitter, fans continuously slammed the physician and pledged not to watch all his "Jeopardy!" episodes.

One internet user said, "Hi, @Jeopardy My wife and I will be boycotting all of Dr Oz's episodes. We have watched every day for decades. Advertisers, take note. #boycottJeopardy"

Meanwhile, most fans also called him "quacker" and called his participation as a major disrespect toward the late Trebek.

An open letter on Medium also compiled winners and contestants' thoughts about the show's decision to have Dr. Oz as the host.

Still, despite the backlash, his first episode raised $23,001 for HealthCorps. This makes him, at least, worthy to be on the stage, too.

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