"Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin has undoubtedly found a new content kingdom at HBO and HBO Max.

He just signed a massive five-year overall deal with the premium network and its streaming sibling.

According to Variety, his deal was said to be in the mid-eight figures.

George R.R. Martin wrote the book series "A Song of Ice and Fire," which served as the basis for the HBO hit drama series "Game of Thrones."

The megahit show proved to be one of the most influential series of all time; it drew massive viewership and broke records by winning awards.

George R.R. Martin's Projects with HBO and HBO Max

According to a source who spoke to Deadline, The WarnerMedia owned premium cabler and streamer will do its best to go deep into the "Game of Thrones" realm with its author.

House of Dragon

Variety reported that HBO is currently prepping the series" House of Dragon," a prequel to "Game of Thrones" that happened a few hundred years before the events shown on GoT.

It will tell the story of the House Targaryen and the Targaryen civil war that is known as the "Dance of the Dragons."

It's currently targeting a 2022 debut, with the first season having ten episodes, with Martin works as executive producer and co-creator on the series.

"House of Dragon" series cast members include Olivia Cooke, Emma D'Arcy, Paddy Considine, Matt Smith.

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Its production will start in England this April, unlike "Game of Thrones," based in Northern Ireland.

Nymeria project - '10,000 Ships'

The Nymeria project is currently in development and will revolve around warrior queen Nymeria, a revered ancestor of House Martell, who founded Dorne.

This is also a prequel to "Game of Thrones," set roughly a thousand years before. This is older on the Westeros' timeline than other previously announced HBO projects in the works.

Currently, the working title is "10,000 Ships," a reference to the queen ordering all her ships to be burned after bringing her army from one place to another so there could be no turning back.

The Sea Snake - '9 Voyages'

Deadline reported that this will follow Lord Corlys Velaryon, also known as the Lord of the Tides, head of House Velaryon and The Sea Snake.

The character will also appear on "House of the Dragon," with British star Steve Toussaint to play the role.

Flea Bottom

This project will be set in King's Landing slum of Flea Bottom, in the capital city's tight streets.

This will explore everyday citizens' lives and criminal underworld instead of the usual focus on powerful lords and ladies.

Dunk and Egg project, based on 'The Hedge Knight,' 'The Sworn Sword' and 'The Mystery Knight.'

This project will follow knight Ser Duncan the Tall and his squire's adventures, who would later become King Aegon V Targaryen.

It would take place before the events of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series.

'Game of Thrones' the Animation

There are no details yet on the animated project, but it has been reported that this is happening.

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