While it seemed like an "American Idol" judge will most likely be the talk of Monday night's first live show, it was Wyatt Pike's decision to drop out that kept everyone buzzing.

Just as Ryan Seacrest was about to announce the Top 12 finalists, he said, "Before we get to the results, I have to tell you that finalist Wyatt Pike will not be competing in the competition."

Seacrest, a longtime host of the show, added, "He had to drop out. But we wish him the very best."

Wyatt Pike left "American Idol" without any explanation and he wasn't mentioned further on the show.

On Twitter, fans wondered what happened to the 19-year-old songwriter. Reactions ranged from prying to extreme worry. Some fans even admitted that Wyatt Pike was their favorite competition.

Why Did Wyatt Pike Leave 'American Idol'

Wyatt Pike's exit from the show seemed extremely abrupt, since he still appeared on Sunday's show then left before Monday's show.

The Sunday show was pre-taped while Monday's show was live, so that means there's a gap between those two between a few days or even weeks.

However, not much information was given during the live show but a few hours later, a representative told People magazine that Wyatt Pike left because of "personal reasons."

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Where is Wyatt Pike?

Looking at Wyatt Pike's social media post seemed to suggest that he left the competition in early April.

On Apr. 4, he was still asking people to vote for him but last week, he posted an Instagram from his hometown, Park City, Utah.

The first photo showed a landscape picture while the second showed a photo of what seemed to be him driving.

Pike captioned the post, "Something to feel this through: home. Thankful for the rollercoaster I'm on today."

He gained over 10,000 Instagram followers in three hours because fans immediately went to his account to search for clues.

However, as per the Washington Post, it seemed like he's still in Los Angeles, and not in Utah.

"His latest post, from five days ago, showed a picture of his hometown. But according to a comment he wrote, he still appeared to be in Los Angeles, where "Idol" is filmed," the publication said.

What's Going To Happen to 'American Idol' Now That They Lack One Competitor?

Wyatt Pike was considered to be one of the frontrunners in the competition, after impressing judges with the original song he wrote for his sister "Best For You."

AI judge Lionel Ritchie described him as a "fabulous storyteller" and even called him "Park City James Taylor."

But because Wyatt Pike left "American Idol," it has given the ABC show a chance for a new twist.

Instead of bringing back an eliminated contestant from this year, "American Idol" will be giving ten contestants from last year's season a second chance to compete.

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