"Cruel Summer" has just been aired on Freeform and Hulu with back-to-back episodes.

This is one of the first psychological thriller series that's been getting a lot of buzzes not only because of its genre but because of its 90s fashion flashbacks.

Jessica Biel is the executive producer for this series, who also has the same role for another psychological thriller, "The Sinner.

"Cruel Summer" follows the life of geeky teen Jeanette (Chiara Aurelia), who immediately the Queen Bee after the disappearance of her town's previous Queen Bee, Kate (Olivia Holt).

'Cruel Summer Episodes 1 and 2 Recap (Spoilers)

Episode 1 is told from Jeanette's POV set on June 21, 1993 (1994 and 1995), while episode 2 flips to Kate's POV on the same three years.

Jeanette, an awkward teen with braces, celebrated her birthday with her best friends Mallory and Vince. They went to the mall to do daring activities to check off that summer.

Jeanette then saw queen bee Kate, someone who she admires so much. She mustered up the courage to talk to Kate, and it took her by surprise that Kate knew her name.

However, their conversation didn't last long because Kate's boyfriend Jamie arrived at the scene.

Mallory and Vince give Jeanette a "you go girl" necklace, and as soon as the trio went home, they decided to steal a key from her dad's office and sneak into her dad's realty properties sold.

At some point, Kate went missing in 1993.

By 1994, Jeanette transformed from an outcast to It Girl. She left her best friends to hang out with Kate's old best friends.

That year on Jeanette's birthday, it was revealed that Kate had been found alive. She was found inside their assistant principal's home, where she has been captive for months.

Jeanette played a significant role in Kate's disappearance that, by 1995, she was preparing for her trial.

In the second episode, Kate catches her mom having an affair and then meets Martin's assistant vice principal.

A summer party took place where Jeanette and her best friends threw shaving cream-filled balloons as part of their prank. As they escaped their bikes, Kate runs out after them.

Then Kate is seen alone at night in a park nursing a bottle of champagne. She was then brought home by their gardener Scott Jones.

When Scott thought, Kate was already sleeping at her house, and Kate found out that her mom was having an affair with Scott and not with Martin.

She once again ran away from home, but this time, the person who found her and helped her was Martin.

By 1994, months after her rescue, Kate suffers PSTD and struggle to get back to normal.

She's also been joining chatrooms for people who were abducted, making suspicious remarks such as "what happens if they found out I'm not being honest?"

In 1995, Jeanette's family sued Kate for defamation.

Another critical scene was set in 1995 regarding Jamie's best friend Ben, who met with Jeanette's lawyer as they talked about what happened to Ben between 1994 and 1995, something that he blames Jeanette for.

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Is 'Cruel Summer' Worth Watching?

The IMDb page for the series already got a rating of 7.1 out of 10, and people on Twitter are raving about it.

Some are happy that the series was created after the end of the fan-favorite "Pretty Little Liars" and the now-boring "Riverdale."

Critics have also been raving about "Cruel Summer" calling it an "addictive teen mystery," "riveting thriller," "hunting," and "intriguing."

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