Last night's episode of "The Voice" really showed the current judges and mega-mentor Snoop Dogg dynamics.

On Monday's Knockouts round, it was shown how the famous rapper and Blake Shelton has become so close to each other despite the massive difference in their music.

The 49-year-old mega-mentor said, when he and the country superstar joked around, "I think working with Blake is like - it's not an odd couple, it's an even couple."

He added, "It's a buddy-buddy relationship that feels like it's been there for many years."

The budding buddies continued to laugh about how it was effortless to fall asleep on the set of "The Voice" as makeup artists tended to them, with the "Minimum Wage" singer admitting her usually did.

When his singers arrived, Shelton introduced them to "my new friend, Snoop Dogg."

The "Young, Wild and Free" rapper told them while pointing at Shelton, "I know if you on his team, you got to be top-tier."

Meanwhile, Shelton quipped how he was jealous of one of Hollywood's most iconic figures.

"I'm jealous of Martha Stewart," referring to his friendship with the homemaking guru for 13 years already.

That same night, Blake Shelton also danced to Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot" song on Twitter.

He tweeted while sharing a hilarious clip, "Let's bring these moves back again."

  Blake Shelton also took to his Instagram to share a picture of him and his new-found rapper friend posing, with the caption, "Name a better duo. I'll wait. #TeamBlake #TheVoice."

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What Does Kelly Clarkson Think of Snoop Dogg on 'The Voice?'

Kelly Clarkson has been in awe of the rapper after hearing his advice to the contestants.

The mentor has been giving contestants great advice that the "Breakaway" hitmaker suggested Snoop "should write a book."

Snoop has also gushed about some of Clarkson's artists, after one of them, Anna Grace, sang "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry where the famous rapper said he was "trying to hold this tear from rolling from my eye."

Clarkson then couldn't help but quip at her artist, "Look what you just did to Snoop Dogg!"

Current Team Standings on 'The Voice'

Here are the current team standings:

TEAM KELLY: Corey Ward, Kenzie Wheeler, Zae Romeo (steal), Gihanna Zoë

Four-Way Knockout: Savanna Woods

TEAM LEGEND: Ryleigh Modig (steal), Pia Renee, Victor Solomon, Zania Alaké

Four-Way Knockout: Carolina Rial

TEAM NICK: Dana Monique, Andrew Marshall (steal), Rachel Mac, Jose Figueroa Jr.

Four-Way Knockout: Devan Blake Jones

TEAM BLAKE: Jordan Matthew Young, Pete Mroz, Cam Anthony, Anna Grace (steal)

Four-Way Knockout: Emma Caroline

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