"Another Round" just won Best International Feature Film at the 2021 Oscars, held last night.

It looks like Hollywood wants to create an English-language version of the dramedy with one A-lister already attacked to the project.

According to Variety, Leonardo DiCaprio is being eyed to play the lead role played by Mads Mikkelsen in the original.

Currently, there's still no official casting finalized, but DiCaprio's production company Appian Way has reportedly had the rights to the story.

According to insiders who told the outlet, other big production companies have made their bids for the title, including Jake Gyllenhaal's Nine Stories company and Elizabeth Banks' production company.

"Another Round" follows a gang of four friends who embarked on an alcohol-filled experiment to see if keeping up their blood alcohol level would change their lives for the better.

The movie also casts Danish stars such as Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang, and Lars Ranthe.

At Sunday night's Oscars ceremony, the director Thomas Vinterberg gave an emotional speech, paying tribute to his 19-year-old daughter. The latter was killed by a reckless driver four days into filming the movie.

Vinterberg said in his speech, "We want to make a film that celebrates life. We ended up making this movie for her, it's her monument."

"You're part of this miracle. Maybe you've been pulling some strings somewhere."

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Another Half-Baked American Remake

Fans are not happy with the idea that there would be a "half-baked American remake" of the Oscar-winning movie "Another Round."

On social media, fans are outraged with the idea of "remaking" a movie that was still so fresh in many people's minds.

One critic said, "Hollywood thinks removing the subtitles is enough of a concept that merits an adaptation."

Another slammed American producers who are "greedy" to jump on a project that is still basking on its Oscar win.

Another critic suggested that if ever "Another Round" happens to get the green-light for its American remake with Leonardo DiCaprio starring as the lead, "Mads Mikkelsen gets to remake 'Titanic.'"

Thomas Vinterberg Defends Remake

In a report by IndieWire, Thomas Vinterberg is reportedly planning to meet with DiCaprio's production company on Tuesday but wouldn't remain involved as a writer or a director.

When asked why they wouldn't just give the role to Mikkelsen, an actor who speaks fluent English, Vinterbeg said, "I'll leave those kind of decisions to Appian Way and the dialogue I'll have with them."

He explained, "I don't know if Mads would do such a thing. My first thought would be to make a different interpretation."

"Asking the same actor to do a different interpretation could be a little bit confusing. But I won't be the main creative force in this. That would have to be up to the people who end up doing it."

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