Cardi B is currently at the center of a controversy for being accused of copying a song.

The "Yellow Bodak" singer was featured on DJ Khaled's new album "Khaled Khaled."

Cardi B's song "Big Paper" is said to be the same as a Nicki Minaj song's "Zanies and Fools" with the same rhyme scheme and lyrics.

The mother of two-year-old Kulture allegedly used Minaj's "entire rhyme scheme" on the track. Meanwhile, Cardi's fans came to her defense saying that the "Super Bass" crooner had "nothing original" since the beginning.

Is Cardi B a Copycat?

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have had a feud for years already. fans of the two always pit them against each other despite being two extremely successful singers in their own right.

Most of the time, their feud becomes ugly.

Fans of Minaj claimed that "Cardi just stole 2 Nicki bars & 3 ppl faces. The only thing left original on that girl is her brain cause it still doesn't work."

Another fan compared the two songs, saying, "Nicki Minaj said 'I bodied everybody and got known for my body' on Chance The Rapper's song 'Zanies and Fools.' Cardi B in a song she said she wrote yesterday for DJ Khaled's new project 'I body everybody who says they don't know my body.' The obsession is real."

Then the fans went into the war zone with Nicki Minaj fans saying that their idol's "Va Va Voom" is "better than Cardi B's entire discography."

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Nicki Minaj Has No 'Originality' According to Cardi B Fans

Fans of the "WAP" crooner claimed that it's Nicki Minaj who stole from their idol in the first place.

A Twitter user alleged, "You were claiming cardi stole Nikki's lyric when Nicki stole it from Remy. You are stalking cardi get off her page. You're obsessed."

Another one claimed that Minaj keeps stealing from other artists, saying, "Nicki steals from every artist There's nothing original about her!"

DJ Khaled New Album Adds Cardi B

DJ Khaled unlocked a collab on his own on his newest album, and it's none other than the controversial artist Cardi B.

A day before his self-titled album drops, he notified his fans about the updated tracklist with "Big Paper," exclaiming on his Twitter, "CARDI B VOCALS IS IN!!! ALBUM 101% DONE!!!"

According to the famed DJ, he was in the middle of purchasing jewelry worth $2.5 million when he discovered Cardi B returned the "last minute" record she sent with her vocals.


This wasn't the first time the New York-native has been featured on DJ Khaled's album.

Cardi B also appeared on the song "Wish Wish" with 21 Savage on DJ Khaled's 2019 album, "Father of Asahd."

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