The competition for Season 19 of American Idol is already shaping up to be fierce. This season, Cassandra Coleman is one of several talented artists competing for the coveted award. Unfortunately, she just got eliminated during the Top 10 showdown, held on May 2. 

Cassandra went to Los Angeles to audition. She performed The Killers' "The Way It Was" and OneRepublic's "Apologize" with Timbaland. She advanced to the next round after all three judges voted "yes."

Cassandra told the judges then that she doesn't normally put on a display. Even singing in front of her family makes her anxious. She, on the other hand, nailed her audition. Cassandra has "a new voice the world has never heard before," according to Luke Bryan.

Cassandra was included in the Genre Challenge's "Indie-Folk" category, alongside Christina Daugherty, Hunter Metts, and Graham DeFranco. She was later seen singing "Too Near" by Alex Clare in a duet with Wyatt Pike called "The Lass & The Lad." Both contestants made it to the next round.

Cassandra performed "Running With the Wolves" by Aurora during the Showstoppers Round. Following that, during the Final Judgment, the judges informed her that she had done enough to qualify for the Top 24 semifinals.

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Here are 8 things to more more about the Barefoot Diva (Courtesy of TVOM, and The Reality TV)

1. Birthday, Age: She is a 24-year-old Columbia, Tennessee native. Nashville is only 45 minutes away. Her birthday, however is unknown.

2. Cassandra has a channel on YouTube. She's been posting covers for the past eight years! Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me" was her first cover. Her most famous video is a cover of Jasmine Thompson's song "Willow."

3. She is interested in photography. She likes black and white pictures, as well as those with a retro feel.

4. Cassandra has frequently urged her fans to sign up for Smule, an app that allows users to sing karaoke-style songs with others. 

5. Her Instagram account has been confirmed. On the social media website, Cassandra has nearly 70,000 followers as of this writing. For someone who has yet to release original music, this is very impressive. 

6. Cassandra currently works as a barista in a coffee shop, which seems to be a requirement for a successful career as an entertainer. She loves her work, but she does not want to stay there indefinitely. 

7. Cassandra's voice has received a lot of attention so far, but she's also a talented songwriter who enjoys expressing herself through lyrics. She doesn't seem to have published any music yet, but maybe we'll get to hear one of her originals during the competition.

8. While we don't know anything about Cassandra's religious views, the fact that she has a Bible verse in her Instagram bio indicates that her religion is important to her.

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