Elon Musk revealed one of his well-kept secrets during his stay on "Saturday Night Live" (SNL).

On the recent episode of SNL, Musk shared a heartbreaking story although the series is all about comedy sketches.

According to the 49-year-old tech mogul, he became the first person with Asperger's to ever host the series. In response to his confession, the crowd began cheering around him.

"I don't always have a lot of intonation or variation in how I speak... which I'm told makes for great comedy," he said. "I'm actually making history tonight as the first person with Asperger's to host SNL."

Asperger's syndrome affects the patient's social interaction and nonverbal communication. The neurodevelopmental disorder also restricts a person's behavior by making the patient repetitively do something.

According to Dr. Dan Brennan of WebMD, people with Asperger's can be smart but find trouble with social skills. They are also too focused on one topic on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, BBC assumed that it was the first time Musk ever spoke about his health condition in public. However, people online debunked his claim and said that comedian Dan Aykroyd was the first artist with Asperger's to host SNL.

The "Ghostbusters" actor first told Daily Mail that he was diagnosed with the disorder in the 1980s. Akroyd also received a diagnosis for Tourette's syndrome when he was 12.

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Apart from talking about his health condition, Musk also took his time to talk about several things about himself.

During his SNL appearance, the billionaire shared details about his son's unusual name. "X Æ A-12."

He joked that the name is pronounced "cat running across keyboard." But the Tesla founder once confirmed on "The Joe Rogan Experience" the correct pronunciation of the child's name.

"I mean it's just X, the letter X, um, and the 'Æ' is pronounced, 'Ash,' and then, A-12 is my contribution." He went on to say that A-12 stood for "Archangel 12, the precursor to the SR-71, coolest plane ever," he said, as quoted by CNET.

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Musk also showed his words' power by talking about the cryptocurrency Dogecoin and immediately affecting its value following his SNL stint.

Initially, he described the currency as the key that will take over the world. His previous statement caused the dogecoin's value to increase by 50 percent. But after calling it a hustle on Saturday, the value immediately plunged.

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