"Friends" Reunion special is coming to HBO and HBO Max later this month, but fans are voicing out their concerns about one of the main cast members, Matthew Perry.

It was difficult to overlook Matthew's awkward behavior as he sat beside "Friends" co-stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt LeBlanc.

In a recent interview with People magazine which was filmed in April, the cast members teased the upcoming reunion special and what fans could expect from the show.

However, Matthew stammered and stared into blank space while the camera was rolling and was even heard slurring some words at one point.

When the 51-year-old actor was asked if he ever stole something from the set as a memento, Matthew admitted, "I stole the cookie jar that had the clock on it."

However, it was very noticeable how there was a heavy "sh" sound at the start of the word "stole."

Though his speech was a little stiff and unnatural, Matthew Perry looked healthier and even boasted a beautiful pearly white smile.

His "Friends" castmates were able to hide any of their concerns about him, as David and Matt just giggled and smiled at Matthew.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the case for the fans as they noticed a lot of things about Matthew Perry, even voicing out their concerns.

One worried fan wrote, "Just saw People interview and can't believe how Matthew Perry looks like. Seriously it breaks my heart."

Another wrote, "Hate to say it, but I'm sad and scared like hell for Matthew Perry."

Another fan noticed, "It pains me to see Matthew Perry like this, he just seems off, gazing at the void, speaking slowly."

It is widely reported that Matthew had been through a lot since "Friends" ended in 2004.

He opened up about his past struggles with addiction to a painkiller after his 1997 jet ski accident.

Matthew also admitted in 2016 that his addiction left him in a tough state.

He told BBC Radio that he didn't remember three years of "Friends," between seasons three and six as he was "a little out of it."

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Matthew Perry on Dating App

Despite the awkward interview for the "Friends" Reunion special, Matthew Perry was already left embarrassed after he matched with a 19-year-old girl on dating app Raya.

He sent her a video saying, "Am I as old as your dad?" in an attempt at a flirty exchange.

TikTok user #kittynichole posted the video of the actor which later made it to celebrity news websites.

Matthew Perry is currently engaged to 29-year-old Molly Hurwitz.

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