'The Bachelor' alum Cassie Randolph is speaking out after people have been asking her whether she had gotten plastic surgery or not.

On Thursday, Randolph took to her YouTube channel to address the issue.

On the video titled "Assumptions", she set the record straight about the nasty messages that she's been receiving.

"I can't tell you how many times I get the question about filler and botox and all that, and sometimes I'll get the nastiest hate messages about work I've gotten done, sometimes I'll get those messages, and it will have been like nine months since I did anything at all." she said

"I'm not afraid to be open and honest about this kind of stuff because I don't really care not be like whatever. I don't mind being real about it and transparent." she went on (watch the full video below)

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The reality TV star then slammed hate messages with kindness by stating that it's okay not to worry about what a person does "I feel like there's no point in worrying about what one person chooses to do or doesn't choose to do. Do whatever you want to do."

She then proceeded to speak her truth "I get lip filler. I get botox, I've gotten it in my forehead before; I've gotten it in my crow's feet before, but that goes away really fast. I've also gotten it in my jaw."

Randolph had also revealed the reason why she got fillers on her jaw. She start clenching her jaw in her sleep which is caused by "a lot of stress and anxiety"

"I've also tried cheek fillers before. I haven't gotten them in a long time because I naturally have really defined cheekbones." she added before finally concluding her answer by saying "I got a lot of filler, botox, whatever questions about it, and that's my opinion about it."


Besides the plastic surgery rumors, she had also talked about how she landed in "The Bachelor" as well as her passion in speech pathology.

Randoplh appeared as a contestant in the 23rd season of ABC's "The Bachelor". She dated the show's lead star Colton Underwood who recently came out as gay.

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