Amber Heard's camp debunked the rumors that the actress underwent an investigation for potential perjury.

According to multiple news outlets, Heard might face a perjury charge for abusing Johnny Depp. She could reportedly face jail time if proven guilty of committing the said act.

After staying silent, her representatives came forward and denied any investigation of the actress.

In an exclusive report by RadarOnline, Heard's lawyer Elain Bredehoft revealed that her client is currently free from any potential charges.

"The statute of limitations for perjury in California is three years and has long since expired, so an investigation, much less charges, much less a conviction, much less jail time, are impossibilities," the legal representative said.

She accused the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor's legal team of igniting the press of the alleged perjury claims. 

The Los Angeles Police Department also clarified that the unit had not investigated such a case in the past.

Rumors on Amber Heard's Perjury Case

The German outlet BILD first reported the allegations. It revealed that Heard allegedly faked the information about her big fight with Depp.

It also alleged that Depp's attorney, Adam Waldman, reportedly confirmed the investigation's existence and said that Heard staged the crime scene.

"Amber Heard and her friend Rocky Pennington staged the May 21 crime scene to prove the abuse allegation against Johnny Depp," the news site claimed.

Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp's Case More Intense

This new development made the whole defamation case between the estranged couple more complicated. Initially, Depp filed a lawsuit against the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) as he sought proof that his ex-wife indeed donated half of their divorce settlement.

In 2016, the ACLU released a statement thanking Heard for choosing the organization as the recipient of the $3.5 million. 

A few months after, the organization announced that they already received $350,000 directly from Heard. Depp believed none of these.

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Instead, Depp believes Elon Musk donated and made all the other transactions under her name.

Before these events, the actor lost a case to overturn the wife-beater ruling against him. His lawyers tried to convince the court to look into the evidence about Heard's false claims about the $7 million divorce settlement.

His barrister Andrew Caldecott QC said that Heard's statement was "a calculated and manipulative lie."

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